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The eco-world of Copenhagen...

January 2009

Copenhagen in focus

On December 7th 2009, the UN Climate Change Conference, COP15, will open in Copenhagen\'s Bella Center and, for the next 12 days, the city will host more than 9000 diplomats, climate and ecology experts and NGO representatives, not to mention the gentlemen of the press.

The world\'s eyes will be on Copenhagen and the Danish government, represented by the Ministry of the Environment, has set high goals for the conference that include as many countries as possible (and not least the world\'s leading manufacturing countries) signing an agreement that will lead to really significant reductions in man-made greenhouse gas emission.


Event conscience

CO² and sustainability – along with CSR – are topics which have become ever more important as the world progresses in to the 21st century and Denmark has been at the front edge of commercial and political developments in these fields.   Consequently, the Öresund region, centered on Copenhagen and Malmö, is today one of the most exciting and interesting destinations in which to set a conference or other event – especially if environmental and social awareness is an important part of the client\'s corporate profile.

Of course, First United can tailor events in Copenhagen to incorporate the importance of ecology – the environment, sustainable development and sustainable buildings, energy efficiency, renewable energy, recycling, biodiversity in cities and suburbs, newly created sustainability or sustainable renovated areas – there are lots of opportunities to create professional programs that highlight these features.



Wind is a constant ingredient in our world and, just offshore from Copenhagen, Danish company Vestas, has established a wind turbine farm - 20 units of 2 MW wind turbines which, when constructed in 2000, was the largest offshore wind farm in the world. Today this farm produces 89.000 MW/year which is about 3% of the electricity consumed by the city of Copenhagen. Shares in the turbines have been sold to the public, thereby giving the residents of Copenhagen the possibility of participating in a local and ecological energy supply system.

Just outside of Copenhagen, the establishment in 2000 of the eco-village of Munksøgård was yet another – and original – example from our world of how environmental challenges might be met. The key idea behind the project was to create housing which integrates environment friendly technologies and practices as well as contributing to the establishment of a strong community among residents with special houses for communal activities, common areas etc. The residents themselves have planned the development with assistance of professionals and they are in charge of the settlement.  The community is divided into five dwelling groups each of 20 row houses: ownership may vary from one group being privately owned, to another being held in co-operative association etc. Each dwelling group has its own common house and there is a former old farm, which belongs to the community, located in the heart of the settlement and which is now used for various activities - cafe, vegetable shop, gift shop, office space for rent, shelter for bicycles etc.


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