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The “green” city leader...

January 2010

Perhaps the COP15 UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in December did not live up to the hopes of many of the world\'s climate experts and environmentally conscious citizens.

Although our politicians and diplomats may have disappointed us, you may be sure that in terms of climate and our environment, Copenhagen does not disappoint. A recently released study – the Siemens European Green City Index - which evaluated 30 major European cities, rated Copenhagen as the greenest of Europe\'s major cities.

The study covered eight categories: CO2 emissions, energy, buildings, transportation, water, air quality, waste, land use and, finally, environmental governance. First place was good news for Copenhagen – not only a feather in her cap during the COP 15 summit but also encouraging news for a city which aims to be carbon-neutral by 2025. Steps on the way to earning first place included, amongst others, increasing the number of certified “green” hotel rooms in Copenhagen from 12% to 53% during the period June 08 – December 09.

The new CPH SWIFT building at Copenhagen Airport is just one example of sustainable development: due to open in 2010, the building will set new standards for energy efficiency in an airport building, through the use of ground water cooling and solar panels to ensure a very low level of energy consumption. In fact, the whole Øresund region, centred around Copenhagen and Malmö, is an area with immense focus on the environment.  First United can create programmes which feature technical or professional visits to virtually any of the sustainable, environmentally friendly developments (or others that are relevant for your client\'s interests) – energy production, energy conservation, sustainable redevelopment, waste recycling etc. –  within the Copenhagen/Øresund region.

Of course ­­– as you can gather from the information released in the Siemens study – we can reserve accommodation and organise meetings at hotels and venues where sustainability and/or energy efficiencyare integral features of the hotel\'s/venue\'s operation, from energy conservation and kitchen operations, to laundering and more. We can also organise meals at restaurants where the cuisine focuses on ecologically produced or organic ingredients.

Tell us which features are important for your client\'s environment conscience and we will create a programme that will not only make the client happy – it will also do nothing to adversely affect the company\'s carbon footprint.

At First United, we are very conscious of how we affect our environment.  Our office routines include efforts to avoid unnecessary use of paper, consequently also minimising the use of printers and photocopiers as well as the replacement of high energy consuming computers with the most energy efficient models available. Throughout our offices, we have installed programmed controls to regulate the use of lighting and heating and limit CO2 emissions and employees are encouraged to cycle to work or make use of the mass transportation systems.

First United appreciates that the environment is worth caring about – and we would like to let climate consciousness and environmental stewardship be an integral part of taking good care of your clients.


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