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“Without food & drink, our hero can’t think”

June 2012

Galactic Halo?

Is Restaurant Noma surrounded by a galactic halo? For the past seven years, the restaurant has been on the list of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants and, since 2010, has seemed to hold an unassailable top spot.
In connection with the 2012 awards, Restaurant Magazine states “Noma’s innovative, inventive and – of course – ground-breaking approach to cooking has created a maelstrom in the culinary world. The restaurant, for example, has taken the tired old concept of the amuse bouche and turned it into a dazzling array of one-bite starters that are alone worth the air fare to Denmark. Through the use of innovative cooking methods, Rene Redzepi’s former warehouse on the dockside has changed diners’ perceptions of Nordic cuisine. It is a restaurant of extraordinary pedigree, where passion and honesty is reflected in every mouthful.”


Noma is not alone!

New on this year’s list of the World’s 50 Best (but not new to us Danes!) is Restaurant Geranium and about which the magazine writes, “what sets it apart from many others, however, is the tremendous skill of head chef and 2011 Bocuse d’Or champion RasmusKofoed. The restaurant has grown a reputation for its inventive and highly intuitive culinary approach through its aim to explore the area of tension between the urbane and the natural with dishes of amazing delicacy.

Securing a reservation at Geranium, like all restaurants on the list, requires patience! However, for corporate groups, it is possible “to explore the area of tension between the urbane and the natural with dishes of amazing delicacy” in the restaurant’s private dining room, which can accommodate up to 100 guests.

Extraordinarily good food in Copenhagen is, however, not just about René Redzepi and RasmusKofoed: Copenhagen has 13 restaurants which have been awarded one or more stars in the Guide Michelin.

One of these is Restaurant Relæ, where the goal is “simple dining and focused gastronomy” with sublime bites served in a friendly, unpretentious atmosphere – and not located beneath the bright lights of Copenhagen’s fashionable night life district. Obviously a philosophy which the Michelin judges appreciated and which can also be enjoyed by so many others without breaking the bank! Relæ is great value, serving a four-course menu for as little as €50 per person.

Of the Nordic cities, Copenhagen is the city with the highest number of ‟starred” restaurants in the Guide Michelin. On the other hand, we are proud to be part of the Nordic community which may well be geographically at the edge of Europe but, in culinary terms, is currently the world benchmark for innovative, creative and inspired cuisine. With five restaurants amongst the world’s 50 best, the small countries (in terms of population) of the region account for 10% of the top echelon. And, in the 2011 Bocuse d’Or awards, all three of the top awards went to Nordic chefs with Sweden and Norway taking Silver and Bronze respectively in addition to RasmusKofoed’s Gold for Denmark.


Gourmet Events

In addition to "front man"” René Redzepi, one of the key figures in the development of Restaurant Noma has been Claus Meyer – arguably Denmark’s best known (and free thinking) culinary entrepreneur. 

One of Claus Meyer’s activities is "Meyer’s Madhus" (trsl. Meyer’s Food House), which could be described as a learning facility or discovery theatre. Meyer’s Madhus has created a palette of teambuilding events of varying duration, from three to six hours, where the participants create a gourmet meal (under the watchful eye of professional chefs) which culminates with the best part of the activity – enjoying the fruits of their efforts with wines to complement the menu. In the words of Meyer’s Madhus, "Gastronomic teambuilding is about much more than food. It is about breaking with old habits, finding new solutions, discovering new strengths, about timing and cooperation and developing one’s qualifications within a new framework"

Just as Copenhagen is blessed with a good number of gourmet restaurants, so too it is possible for First United to offer gastronomic teambuilding events at a variety of locations. In addition to Meyer’s Madhus, we can organise teambuilding events at the Eva Gourmet Academy, operated by the Danish manufacturer of high quality kitchenware, Eva, or we could enroll your guests for a short course event at the Danish Hotel & Restaurant School. If a big, juicy steak is more in line with your profile, we could also take the group to Grilleriet where we can create events, using Weber BBQ grills, that can include talks on BBQ methods, can be themed to your requirements, focus on team spirit, be competitive or not as well as being a lot of fun.  The end result of gourmet events is almost inevitably a heightened sense of esprit de corps and, to dot the “i”, eminently enjoyable food.

If tasty bites on the move are more attractive than intensive events, then we can organise a tour on foot through Copenhagen that will give the participants and opportunity to taste a wide variety of the city’s specialty food and drink products on the way, ranging from organic cheeses to raspberry cake, from draught beer to rock candy or – in conjunction with a sightseeing tour - a stop for refreshments or a light bite could be made at Torvehallerne (The Market Halls). Centrally located in Copenhagen where the city’s fruit and vegetable market once was, Torvehallerne is a food emporium where independent vendors sell their wares – and where the simple act of choosing becomes a challenge!

For so much that is recognisably Nordic and relates not only to cuisine but to design and lifestyle too, keywords are – natural, ecology and organics, simplicity and uncluttered, innovative and original.  If your appetite has been whetted by this appetizer, then let us set the complete, tasty dish before you.


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Restaurant Relae

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