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Emeco initiated incentive tourism in Egypt back in 1977. Emeco's most valuable asset is their highly qualified, innovative staff who has earned international respect for their creativity and reliability. Over the past 40 years, the company has operated the most sophisticated incentive programs ever to visit the country. Today, with the professionalism of our staff and their wide spectrum of contacts throughout the country, Emeco Travel is known to be the leading DMC in Egypt. (Emeco was awarded by the Egyptian Prime Minister during the World Tourism day, in Cairo late 2005, as the Best DMC in Egypt). A repeated award that Emeco received over the years from the Egyptian Government, IMEX, IBTM as well as many International Hotels Chains operating in Egypt).

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Alexandria: the new Library, other sites and a ?Royal Program?
Sinai: our recipe for desert fans

May 2002

Fans of the desert & ancient culture alike will really enjoy the latest Egypt has to offer!
The newly opened Library of Alexandria and the splendid underwater discoveries regarding the legendary Cleopatra offers you and your groups marvelous architecture & unrivalled archeological and cultural findings.
If you?re more in for a spectacular sunset above the desert, check out our Sinai program, which will show you the sheer beauty of oasis life.


The New Library of Alexandria

Down by the coastal shelf in Alexandria, Egypt, a legend of classical antiquity is rising from the ashes as miraculously as a phoenix. This June, the new Bibliotheca Alexandria, a spectacular piece of architecture billed as the revival of its ancient namesake, opened quietly to the public, more than 20 years after the idea was conceived and seven years after construction began. The formal grand opening ? with presidents, kings and sultans ? was in April.

\"I want it to be true to the spirit of the old Library of Alexandria ? a vibrant intellectual center, a meeting place for civilizations,\" says Ismail Serageldin, who recently resigned as vice president of the World Bank to become acting director-general of the library.
The project comprises the library proper, for 4-8 million books, a major center of internet connectivity, an International School of Information Studies (ISIS), a Calligraphy Institute, a Research and Documentation Center, a Planetarium, a Science Museum, a Culture Museum, a major Conference Center with 3000 seats, and so much more.

The architecture of the building is really spectacular. A circular disc, slanting towards the sea, covers the largest reading room in the world and displays dramatic architecture on the inside as well as the outside. The beautiful circular granite wall has inscriptions of characters from all the ancient and new alphabets of the world. The conference facilities are ample and well equipped.

The Underwater Discoveries
Relatively new discoveries in the Eastern Harbor involve two different sites. Around Fort Qaitbey the site has unearthed hundreds of objects, including what experts believe are the remains of the Pharos Lighthouse, one of the fabulous ancient wonders of the world.
In the south-east part of the harbor, archaeologists have apparently found the Royal Quarters, including granite columns and magnificent statues, including one of Isis and a sphinx with a head thought to be that of Cleopatra\'s father.

Diving Sites & Undersea Museum: Pharaohs City

Pharaos City, the magic city of Cleopatra with its Roman statues & columns, lies immersed under the sea of Alexandria, partly inside the port of Alexandria. The largest part however is to be found outside the port.
At a depth rage of 8 to 18 meters, more than 5000 pieces of ancient magic are between your hands.

The Palace Of Cleopatra

Inside the west port of Alexandria, at a depth of 6 to 9 meters, you can see the royal quarter of Alexandria, home of Cleopatra & her lover Mark Anthony.
Streets of the palace, made of stones, emerge at the bottom of the Mediterranean and show the way to the majestic palace of Cleopatra.

An airplane from the 2nd world war crashed down and landed in Cleopatra?s palace street. The wreckage forms a wonderful mixture between the ancient past & our own beautiful mechanics.

Alexandria can also be the host city for ?A ROYAL PROGRAM?

The Royal Program at Salamlek Palace:

A new program specially designed for Alexandria, within the Palaces Program series, which makes use of the ancient historical palaces turned into hotels all around Egypt, such as the Winter Palace in Luxor, the Old Cataract in Aswan, the Mena House and Marriott in Cairo.
This new incentive program is based on the idea of booking the entire Salamlek Palace (23 suites) for a closed group and creating ?royal? events around the program exploiting the facilities available for a truly exclusive & unique event.

History of the Salamlek Palace
H.M. Khedive Abbas Helmi II built the el-Salamlek Palace in Alexandria in 1892 as a hunting lodge for his Hangro-Austrian Mistress, Countess May-Torok von Szendro. It was surrounded by woods stocked with game for the hunting pleasure of the Khedive and his guests. The Greek architect Dimitri Faricious Pasha actually designed the palace and undertook its construction.

Later, during the reign of H.M. King Fouad I, son of H.M. Khedive Abbas Helmi II, El-Salamlek served as a guesthouse and under the reign of King Farouk I, the Palace became a summer office and guesthouse for the king\'s most valued guests.
When the Palace was turned into the El Salamlek Palace Hotel and Casino, nine years were spent renovating and redecorating the Palace, in order to recreate the luxury and glamour of the Royal era of Egypt.
The Palace ? now a hotel - is located in the lush gardens of Montazah, surrounded by fortified walls, and can only be reached through two private entry gates. Located on a hill, it overlooks the Royal Mediterranean Bay and has its own crescent beach.


Sinai, ?the Land of Turquoise?, is one of the few places on earth remaining almost untouched by modern civilization: a rocky triangle of holy places, pilgrim trails and military outposts. Modern visitors follow in the footsteps of legendary gods and goddesses, ancient warriors and biblical heroes.
Sinai remains a land of verdant oases, flat desert expanses and towering granite mountains, where the Goddess Isis came in search of Osiris, where Alexander the Great fought, where Moses received the Ten Commandments and through which the Holy Family traveled en route to Egypt.

First Day:
Our journey starts in the early morning at Sharm El Sheikh city with a 190 km on-road drive heading north to the entrance of ?Wadi Watir?, where the excitement will rise as soon as we enter the desert in a 35 km off-road drive to the cliff of the magnificent Colored Canyon, located in a lime stone mountain chain named ?EL TIH?. There we mount our camp & have a barbecue dinner served around the campfire.

Second Day:
After breakfast, a short drive of 5 km will bring you to the 150 meters high cliff that leads to the entrance of the canyon. As you start walking through the narrow passage (the walk is estimated to be about one hour and half), you can enjoy its exquisite multicolored layers of rock and its austere beauty.
Jeeps await you at the canyon exit to take you through Wadi Ghazala where a picnic lunch is served. Afterwards, the convoy moves further towards the Oasis and the well of Ein Hudra. From there, a one hour on-road drive will take you to the St. Catherine village where you will be accommodated in a small lodge next to the Monastery of St. Catherine. Here again, a hot dinner is served around the campfire accompanied with a nice drink.

Third Day:
An early start at 2:00 AM is a must for those who are interested in climbing mount Sinai (2280 m). Within an estimated time of 2 hours and 30 minutes you will reach the summit and enjoy the magnificent view of the rising sun.

After descending the mountain again breakfast with coffee awaits you before setting off for a visit to the Greek Orthodox Monastery of St. Catherine and the basilica church with its collection of ancient icons and the famous burning bush.
After your visit to the Monastery, we drive back to the lodge for lunch, followed by a drive through Faran Oasis to reach the entrance of ?Wadi El Sieh? and further to ?Wadi Mukatab?, heading towards our new destination at ?Sarabit El Khadem?, where camp will be mounted & a hot dinner is prepared.

Fourth Day:
After a nice typically Bedouin breakfast, we will take you for a drive through the desert to the 800 m high Sarabit Mountain and a visit to the Hathor Temple.
After your visit to this ancient historical site a drive back to Sharm El Sheikh indicates the end of our exciting adventure.
The Library

Undersea museum


Salemlek Hotel

Salemlek Lobby

Coloured Canyon


St. Catherine