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Emeco Tourism in the Emirates is a result of the merger between Emeco Travel in Egypt & Al Abjar Tourism in Dubai, two leading tourism firms created in 1977 & 2003 respectively.
With the increasing demands for professional DMCs to cater for the sophisticated MICE business the Emirates expect over the years to come, both firms decided to get together to create a leading tourism house that cater to the refined services needed.
With an exceptional portfolio, references & quality control that are continuously assessing International delivery standard “Emeco” is bringing over to this merger and the credibility and strong local contacts & knowledge that Al Abjar enjoys, we are certain that Emeco Tourism in the Emirates will be a strong partner to all those who wish to organize sophisticated & the innovative MICE program in the region.
Emeco Tourism in the Emirates was founded with the intension to make use of its resources thus to continue to develop the widest range of solutions that meet with the clients requirements & those of their guests. Yet with the most innovation, values & the broadest scope of the clients imagination. Meeting the individual needs of each and every client is important to us and an art we enjoy. With our team experience, knowledge and our very own personal approach, we are able to offer creativity in our services aiming to exceed client expectation, whether in MICE, Groups and/or FITs.


Journey in Dubai!

December 2012


The United Arab Emirates is a young and prosperous nation. The country has been on the global tourist map as the most visited place in the Middle East. Spurred by the discovery of oil in the late 1950s, a visionary program of development has evolved the UAE into a modern and stable state with exemplary infrastructure, tax free income, high standards of living, and a very low crime rate.

The extent of tourist attraction into UAE is evident by a startling fact. There are only three seven-star hotels in the world, two of which are in the UAE. Dubai is home to Burj Al Arab, while Emirates Palace is in Abu Dhabi.

Ranked as most sought-after tourist destination in the Middle East, UAE has all the right ingredients for an unforgettable experience that includes sun, sand, sea, sports, shopping, culture, landmarks, conferences, exhibitions and events.


Journey in Dubai

You wake up to a sunny morning; your day out in Dubai can be fun filled, entertaining, exciting and truly memorable. We tailor the tour to give you a true experience of Dubai’s grandest mosques, luxury hotels, museums, traditional souks, the Gold Souk, iconic landmarks, spectacular malls, fountains, beach, and creek.

The Burj Al Arab:

Experience luxury at its best. The Burj Al Arab defines luxury at its heights. The hotel has received a ‘seven star’ rating for its standards of services and facilities. The popularity of the hotel has soared over the years and it has retained its identity as one of Dubai’s iconic landmarks.
The Burj Al Arab is a sight to behold. It is the world’s tallest hotel (at a staggering 332 meters) with the highest atrium. This mind boggling sight matches up with the impressive shape of the hotel that resembles a billowing spinnaker sail.
The Burj Al Arab is constructed on a man-made island, with a short causeway linking the hotel to the mainland. A brilliant white during the day, as evening fall the teflon coated exterior becomes a dazzling canvas as computer controlled spotlights create an ever changing array of color.

Jumeirah Mosque:

The Jumeirah Mosque is an exquisite structure. Built in the Medieval Fatimid tradition, it is a sight to behold and offers great photo opportunity while on the tour. It is the only mosque in Dubai which is open to the public and dedicated to receiving non-Muslim guests. Visitors get a unique opportunity to learn about Emirati culture and religion in a relaxed, casual and open atmosphere at this spectacular mosque.
The visit to Jumeirah Mosque usually happens by 10 am. Each tour lasts about 75 minutes. We suggest our guests to dress modestly respecting local cultural sensitivity. Traditional attire can also be borrowed from the Mosque.

Al Fahidi Fort & Dubai Museum:

Believed to be Dubai's oldest building, the Al-Fahidi Fort is well worth a visit, and is home to the Dubai museum. The Fort was built in 1787 and has walls built from coral and shell cemented together with lime. It was built to defend Dubai’s early community from warring tribes in the neighborhood.
The fort that once defended Dubai has also served in many ways over the years. The fort was once a ruler’s residence and then a government office.
The Al Fahidi Fort was renovated in 1971 for use as a museum. The museum is fully air-conditioned underground exhibition centre. It exhibits colorful life size dioramas vividly depicting everyday life in the Emirates before the discovery of oil in the late 1960s. Galleries recreate scenes from the creek, traditional Arab houses, mosques, souks, date farms and desert and marine life. One of the more spectacular exhibits portrays pearl diving, including sets of rare pearls, merchants’ weights, scales and sieves. Also on display are artifacts from several excavations in the Emirates, recovered from graves that date back to the third millennium BC.

The Gold Souk:

Dubai has sustained its sobriquet –City of Gold. The glitter of the yellow metal will entice you to enter into the Gold Souk, which is located in a sprawling complex in the Deira part of Dubai. Shopping for gold in the souk remains a sheer fascination for millions who throng this souk every year. However it is worth a visit even if you have no intention of buying. Just to soak in the ambience while you window shop is a treat in itself. The stores are brimming with jewelry that is crafted in 18, 21, 22 & 24 carat gold. The sheer scale & variety of gold on offer is impressive. You will be spoilt for choice while you shop for earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets & pendants.
There are over 200 stores in the Gold Souk and it is estimated that at any one time the souk displays over 10 tons of gold. Gold prices here are among the lowest in the world and are largely determined by weight; also varying depending on whether it is machine-made or by a craftsman. It’s well worth haggling to see if you can get yourself a bargain!
Gold is aggressively promoted with special offers & raffle draws during the Dubai Shopping Festival & Dubai Summer Surprises.

The Burj Khalifa:

Dubai sightseeing is incomplete without visit to the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. The structure is over 800 meters high with 160+ floors serviced by 57 elevators. The Burj Khalifa skyscraper is a world-class destination and the magnificent centerpiece of Downtown Dubai.
The high point of the Khalifa experience is the view from At The Top, Burj Khalifa's observation deck. Located on level 124 of the world's tallest tower, this observatory allows breathtaking bird’s eye view of Dubai surrounded by the desert on one side and the Arabian sea on the other, the Dubai water fountain, Downtown Dubai, business bay, and glorious skyline of the charming city of Dubai is a treat for any visitor.

The Walk:

The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence is a popular tourist attraction. It is one of the few places in Dubai that offers street entertainment. You can explore street painting, recycled art displays, comedy shows, sand sculptures, photography displays, and booths selling fashion accessories and crafts. The Walk is dotted with restaurants offering exotic cuisine. The walk is a 1.7 kilometer strip offering access to a well-maintained beach with plenty of water sports facilities. The stretch is dotted with popular restaurants, hotels, clothing stores, boutiques, department stores, cafes and gyms, among many others offering a fusion of west and east in Dubai.

Atlantis on the Palm:

The Palm is one of Dubai’s most iconic developments. This man-made island stretches over 1km into the Arabian Gulf. The Palm project is so large and striking that it can be seen from space.
Located on the Palms outer breakwater is the Atlantis Hotel and Resort. The Atlantis hotel is made up of two towers linked by a breathtaking archway. The resort has more than 1,500 rooms and features four celebrity chef restaurants.
The resort’s wide pedestrian avenues are lined with a host of luxury boutiques selling everything from the finest designer brands to locally sourced products and mementos. Atlantis is also the home of the Aquaventure water park which boasts Dubai’s highest waterslide, and Dolphin Bay, where guests are able to swim with dolphins.

Dubai Creek:

Historically, the creek divided the city into two main sections: Deira and Bur Dubai. In the early 20th century, the creek served as a minor port for dhows coming as far away as India or East Africa. It has remained an important element in establishing the commercial position of Dubai, being the only port or harbor in the city. Dubai's pearling industry, which formed the main sector of the city's economy, was based primarily on expeditions in the creek, prior to the invention of cultured pearls in the 1930s.
Fishing was also based along the creek, which’s warm and shallow waters supported a wide variety of marine life. The traditional form of transport between the eastern and western sections of Dubai via the creek was through ‘abras’, which continue to operate in Dubai.
The most remarkable buildings alongside the Deira side of the creek are the Deira Twin Towers; Dubai Creek Tower; Sheraton Dubai Creek; National Bank; and Chamber of Commerce.

Desert Safari:

The call of the desert is to connect you with the elements of nature. The rugged beauty of golden sands glistening in the sun against the magnificent blue skies is a sight to cherish.
You will have plenty of options to explore the desert around Dubai. Pulsating rides on quad bikes, dune buggies, overnight desert safaris or the 4x4 dune bashing safari are some of our offerings.
Our sand dune bashing trip offers loads of fun activities to indulge in. Get into our 4WDs driven by our professional guides and take an adventurous journey into the desert. Your off-road adventure begins when our safari guides maneuver the 4WDs on the dramatic terrains for a thrilling journey on the rolling dunes. This exhilarating drive up and down the massive sand dunes is a unique and unparalleled thrill that is sure to send quivers down your spine. If you are looking to visit UAE, it’s hard to resist an opportunity to explore the thrilling adventures along the sand dunes.
The safari takes you on a journey into camel farms and Bedouin camps, where a galore of fun activities are lined up for the evening. You can watch the glorious sun set against crimson painted skies while smoking a fruit flavored shisha or just soak in the desert ambience in deep peace. There is a lot to explore in the Bedouin camp site like Arabic kava coffee, henna painting, camel rides or even dressing up like an Emirati (local Bedouins).
There are moments for you to capture. Take a deep breath and feel the lightness in the air. The splendid sight of a herd of wild camels walking against the backdrop of the desert sun will captivate you. As you watch them fade into the horizon, it will remind you of a time warped era when the only means of transport in the desert were the camels.
The evening comes alive to a peppy Middle Eastern beat and our vivacious and stunning belly dancer sets the stage on fire with her enchanting dancing moves and daring antics. Our buffet offering is sure to delightfully tickle your palate.


Please contact Mr. Karim Aly for further details at dubai@euromic.com

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