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Emeco Tourism in the Emirates is a result of the merger between Emeco Travel in Egypt & Al Abjar Tourism in Dubai, two leading tourism firms created in 1977 & 2003 respectively.
With the increasing demands for professional DMCs to cater for the sophisticated MICE business the Emirates expect over the years to come, both firms decided to get together to create a leading tourism house that cater to the refined services needed.
With an exceptional portfolio, references & quality control that are continuously assessing International delivery standard “Emeco” is bringing over to this merger and the credibility and strong local contacts & knowledge that Al Abjar enjoys, we are certain that Emeco Tourism in the Emirates will be a strong partner to all those who wish to organize sophisticated & the innovative MICE program in the region.
Emeco Tourism in the Emirates was founded with the intension to make use of its resources thus to continue to develop the widest range of solutions that meet with the clients requirements & those of their guests. Yet with the most innovation, values & the broadest scope of the clients imagination. Meeting the individual needs of each and every client is important to us and an art we enjoy. With our team experience, knowledge and our very own personal approach, we are able to offer creativity in our services aiming to exceed client expectation, whether in MICE, Groups and/or FITs.


Why Dubai?

July 2015

Dubai has astounded many with its bewitching beauty.  When it comes to its geographical dimensions, the western side of the Emirate faces the Arabian Sea whereas the southern part shares the desert followed by the western Al Hajar Mountains bordering Hatta Oman.

The extraordinary high-rise buildings are the ornaments of Dubai. For example, the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, which glitters after the sunset, has attracted countless viewers from all over the globe. Likewise, the diverse flavorful cuisines in amazing locations, the creek which is crowded as the heritage of the place.

Furthermore, the trade, the Gold Souk widely known for its sheer quality. Other beautiful man-made creations like the corniche view floating bridge, lush parks and the sports activities like skydiving, has led the country to rank 4th in tourism world over.

What’s more, the country is also blessed with heart-stirring scenic beauty. For instance, the ethereal glimpse of the sunrise; it’s almost as if the sun is making its way out of the sand dunes. While, on the other hand, sunset lovers can witness the sun sinking in the Arabian Sea.

If you thought that’s all that Dubai has to offer then here’s more:  the incredible desert safari expedition is a must try, not to forget the belly dancing is pretty famous – an icing on the cake – you should not miss it for anything.

But you haven’t tasted the charm of Dubai in the real sense until you have tasted the dessert of the desert – yes, it’s the delicious date.

No doubt Dubai awes its visitors with its modern appearance with all its skyscrapers and technologically advanced environments.  What still remains intact, though, is the essence of sacredness which is almost alive at every nook and corner of the place. The beautiful mosques stand proof of not just the spiritually charged atmosphere but also of the beautiful work of artisans and architects.

Intricate works, regal domes and what not make Dubai a destination incomplete without visits to at least one of these intricately designed places of worship such as the Jumeirah mosque. A conglomeration of both modern and traditional worlds, Dubai has become the preferred destination for millions. You’ll find an ideal retreat here because it is just the right blend of fun and relaxation


Palazzo Versace Dubai

Palazzo Versace Dubai is a luxury hotel and resort opening July 2015 in Culture Village on the foreshore of Dubai Creek in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It will cost AED 2.3 billion.

Palazzo Versace Dubai is being developed on 130,000 square meters (1,400,000 sq ft). Once completed it will include restaurants, spa, 169 condominium residences & penthouses, 146 hotel rooms and 58 suites. It uses public spaces designed to showcase art, sculpture and other artifacts. These spaces come complete with landscaped gardens and grounds with promenades, terraces, water features, reflection pools and fountains.

Almost 90 percent of the artisans working on Palazzo Versace Dubai will be based in the UAE, but the hand-cut marble and glass tesserae which make up a mosaic in Versace’s Italian is being developed by an Italian mosaic expert. In total, 12,000 square meters (130,000 sq ft) of mosaic artwork of Versace's Italian will be completed in the coming year. The façade of the Palazzo Versace exhibits patterned fenestration, ornate pediment, expanses of glazing and arched windows.


DAMAC Towers by Paramount Hotels & Resorts

For the creative. From the Creatives. The novel brand of hospitality has been designed with the creative in mind but its appeal is to the visionary in everyone. The Paramount Hotel Dubai draws its energy from and contributes back to the spirit of the creative classes.

This is an inspirational psychographic and hugely influential force, encompassing media, music, design, fashion, publishing and the arts. Paramount Hotel Dubai will stage a series of dynamic and sensory experiences in Dubai; experiences that live up to producing hospitality that is unmistakable, unforgettable and, consequently, unmissable. A unique property influenced by the local creative community & a living showcase of traditional cuisine, contemporary art, photography, music and performance.

Damac Properties and Paramount Hotels & Resorts collaborate to form a joint development called Damac Towers by Paramount Hotels & Resorts, Dubai. The project, which will house four towers, will be home to the first ever Paramount Hotel and Paramount Residences. The project is due for completion and opening in 2016.


Please contact Mr. Karim Aly for further details at emirates@euromic.com

Dubai Skyline

Dubai Skyline

Burj Khalifa

Arabian Sea


Desert stop

Palazzo Versace Dubai

Palazzo Versace Dubai

Palazzo Versace Dubai

DAMAC Towers

DAMAC Paramount bar

DAMAC Towers