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Holt Paris is a French licensed travel agency specialising in incoming services to France and was founded in 1960 by Alan Holt. The company is the oldest privately owned DMC in Paris, and is well known for its expertise in the incentive and special interest markets, as well as in all other aspects of incoming travel.


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In France - There is so much to savor!

June 2004

Holt Paris with its varied clientele and the vast choice of places to visit in France, has recently operated programs to many different corners of the country…


As border regions, Alsace and Lorraine have been fought over for centuries by France and Germany, their beleaguered past recalled by many a military stronghold and cemetery. Today the region presents a more peaceful landscape of pastel-painted villages, fortified towns and sleepy vineyards.
At the northeast frontier of France, bordered by the Rhine, Alsace forms a fertile watershed between the mountains of the Vosges and the Black Forest of Germany.
The area has a strong identity of its own, taking pride in local costumes, traditions and dialects. In Alsace, Route du Vin vineyards nudge pretty villages in the Vosges foothills. Strasbourg, the capital, is a cosmopolitan city with a 16th-century center.

The \'In\' destination on the banks of the Rhine river situated at the strategic heart of Europe and offering such unspoiled beauty especially along the wine road between Strasbourg and Colmar: small villages each with their own vintage – even Miss France\'s parents are long established vintners here - picturesque landscapes and delightfully clean and interesting villages. The food and wine are incomparable and the service friendly.


History and geography go hand in hand. An excellent place for human settlement for the past 28 000 years (as attested by the wall paintings in the Cosquer Cave), Marseille now has grown into a metropolis of 807 000 inhabitants
Corseted by a ring of hills, including the Calanques massif, the city winds 57 km along the Mediterranean coast. Sunshine is one of the strong assets of its pleasant lifestyle, and the Mistral wind gives it that special light that has inspired many renowned painters such as Cézanne, Braque, Dufy, Derain, Marquet and others.

On the edge of the Mediterranean with its inimitable bouillabaisse and the accent of sunshine - Nearby is the impressive Castellet Formula One racetrack with a luxury five star hotel, private airport and golf course and an incomparable view to the Mediterranean coastline below.


Burgundy considers itself the heart of France, a prosperous region with world- renowned wine, earthy but excellent cuisine and magnificent architecture.
Under the Duke of Valois, Burgundy was France\'s most powerful rival, with territory extending well beyond its present boundaries.
By the 16th century, however, governors appointed by the French king ruled the duchy, but it still managed to keep its privileges and traditions.

Once a part of Burgundy, Franche-Comté -the Free County- struggled to remain independent of the French crown, and was a province of the Holy Roman Empire until annexed by Louis XIV in 1674.

Burgundy, now as in the past, is a wealthy region, a center of medieval religious faith, which produced Romanesque masterpieces at Vézelay, Fontenay and Cluny.
Dijon is a splendid city, filled with the great palaces of the old Burgundian nobility and a collection of great paintings and sculptures in the Musée des Beaux-Arts.

The vineyard of the Côte d\'Or, the Côte de Beaune and Châblis yield some of the world\'s most venerated wines.
Other richly varied landscapes - from the wild forests of the Morvan to the lush farmland of the Brionnais - produce snails, Bresse chicken and Charolais beef.

Franche-Comté has none of this opulence, though its capital, Besançon, is an elegant 17th-century city with a tradition of clock making. Topographically the France-Comté is divided into two, with gently rolling farmland in the Saône valley and high Alpine scenery to the east.

This forest country of Alpine brooks filled with trout is also the home of great cheeses, notably Vacherin and Comté, and of the characteristic yellow wine of Arbois

Burgundy is not only the snail capital of France but also a wine-lovers paradise and home to some excellent deluxe chateaux hotels - the ideal setting for a country incentive or that Board Meeting that needs peace and quiet!

In France - There is so much to savor!

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