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Holt Paris is a French licensed travel agency specialising in incoming services to France and was founded in 1960 by Alan Holt. The company is the oldest privately owned DMC in Paris, and is well known for its expertise in the incentive and special interest markets, as well as in all other aspects of incoming travel.


Holt Paris Welcome Service
What is there new to see in Paris and in France?

January 2005

Holt Paris, the EUROMIC member for France, has just published their annual confidential tariff for the 45th time! Is this a record of longevity for a DMC?

But at Holt Paris we are not looking to the past though our long experience helps us to live with the present pattern of travel and plan for the future.

What is new in Paris?

How do 21st century people visit the world\'s most popular city - What is there new to see in Paris and in France?

This winter Paris boasts a skating rink on the Eiffel Tower at 95m from the ground. Turner & Whistler are drawing people from far and wide to the recently renovated Grand Palais exhibition hall. The Institut du Monde Arabe is showing the world proclaimed exhibition \'Pharaon\' bringing visitors from the world over. The French passion for oysters can be witnessed and enjoyed on every street corner and still running since 25 years the boulevard comedy ?Boeing Boeing?!

The 900 years old Notre Dame cathedral has completed its ten-year long facelift to reveal the original sandstone to be as beautiful as ever. This week the Paris winter sales commence when shoppers will flock in for their annual bargain hunt!

A new original idea is a visit to the Chef\'s atelier where famous cooks from Paris\'s great restaurants alternate to give cooking classes in which you can partake before tasting your own masterpiece!

Travel around the city has never been easier - either on a hop-on hop-off bus tour or by the efficient public transport with its easy to use pre-bought day passes allowing unlimited travel throughout the city by metro or bus.
Or if a more modern way of visiting the city tempts you then either try a Segway hire, biking or roller tours or just a leisurely-guided walking tour of Paris.

What is new in France?

The high speed TGV system around France makes cities as far distant as Avignon or Bordeaux within just three hours of Paris! Take a TGV to Montpellier followed by a local ride into the hills to see the new spectacular Millau Viaduct that spans the Tarn River - the highest road bridge in the world!

Or drive down the Seine valley to Normandy, which recently celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Allied landings and after visiting the beaches go to Honfleur, the Impressionist painters? paradise, and stroll the beaches at the nearby Deauville resort.

Next summer the famous ?hortillonages?, the floating village of Amiens, will celebrate its fortieth anniversary - why not punt your way through the canals with the other garden lovers?

When traveling in the east of France, other than the traditional Champagne area, take time out to visit the picturesque towns of Colmar and Strasbourg and taste the fruity local wines of the Rhine valley.

Just simply come to France - there is so much to see!
Vous serez le bienvenu!

For more information, please contact Mrs. Susan Holt at france@euromic.com

Notre Dame

Skating Rink

Viaduc de Millau