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Holt Paris is a French licensed travel agency specialising in incoming services to France and was founded in 1960 by Alan Holt. The company is the oldest privately owned DMC in Paris, and is well known for its expertise in the incentive and special interest markets, as well as in all other aspects of incoming travel.


Holt Paris Welcome Service
France - so much to experience!

July 2005

Holt Paris Welcome Service in 2005 has seen a change of people with the retirement of Annie Welch after so many years with the company, but the new team profiting often from what they learnt from her, are helping our visitors to rediscover a different France...

?Summer 2005 in Paris is hot but pleasant - in the city that has at last learnt to use air-conditioning!?

How are the visitors to Paris using their time?

Between different parties to show the French desire to win the 2012 Olympics, the annual midsummer\'s day Musical Festival, Paris Plage that will soon be opening for the fifth consecutive year - they are of course visiting the museums, the art galleries and the tourist spots for which Paris is renowned. Many visitors are trying to retrace the Da Vinci code... and the deluxe hotels and chateaux mentioned in the book live a revival in popularity all before the cyclists invade the streets for the finale of the Tour de France.
But more generally Paris has become a jumping off point for long itineraries to the varied French countryside.
Families and groups of friends - members of clubs from hairdressers to architects with private coaches and guides, chauffeur driven cars or self drive are leaving the city and experiencing how the French live - the Chateaux of the Loire, the Landing beaches of Normandy remain extremely popular. More original however are the French mountainous areas such as the Massif Central, the Alps and the Pyrenees - many visitors say they did not realize France has such an enchanting hill country!
They visit the famous porcelain city of Limoges, the town of Clermont Ferrand renowned for its volcanic rock architecture and the carpet manufacture of Aubusson in the little known Creuse region! They are re-discovering Lyon, the ancient silk capital of France and dining in one of the \'bouchons\' restaurants that have made the Old Town famous.
A bucolic visit to Burgundy during a mini tour de France with a stay in the fascinating town of Beaune with its narrow streets, extraordinary architecture, the Hospices, the wine markets and more! Or perhaps drive east through the Marne area via Reims and its Champagne vineyards to experience Alsace said by some to be the prettiest area of all!

In France there is so much to experience!?

Susan Holt

For more information, please contact Mrs. Susan Holt at france@euromic.com

Eiffel Tower

Paris Plage