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Holt Paris is a French licensed travel agency specialising in incoming services to France and was founded in 1960 by Alan Holt. The company is the oldest privately owned DMC in Paris, and is well known for its expertise in the incentive and special interest markets, as well as in all other aspects of incoming travel.


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A new glance at France …

November 2002

A new Glance at France

An autumn program that is quick and easy to operate and close to home, that was the brief given recently by a London based incentive house for 20 executives who had earned a break.
“What can we do that is different,” was the question posed to Holt Paris Welcome Service – the Euromic member for Paris and the north of France – “they like nature and the countryside”.

So a new program was born based on the fascinating Cathedral city of Chartres. Read all about it here …


Eurostar to Paris and 50 minutes transfer to their weekend home in the luxury hotel Château d’Esclimont, just 50 kilometers west of Paris. Dinner in the library of the Château whilst sampling the excellent cuisine and a tasting of its range of local Calvados before an early night.


Saturday morning: after enjoying a walk around the Château’s lake or jogging for the more energetic, we had a short coach ride to Chartres.
Saturday is market day in Chartres so the first stop was at the “Les Halles” covered market to see and taste the variety of local produce brought in from the surrounding countryside: cheeses galore, fresh “foie gras”, cider, tripe and home smoked hams. Paté and terrine spread thickly on the generous slices of “Pain de Campagne”, accompanied by a light Loire wine, made a splendid midmorning snack!

The seasonal attraction was the wide variety of mushrooms gathered in the forests of the Perche region.
After that, we enjoyed a late morning visit to the Cathedral to view the incredible maze and the stained glass windows that were manufactured some 700 years ago at the famous Chartres school “des vitraux”!

After lunch in the local brasserie, return to Esclimont to relax in the magnificent park and enjoy horse riding or practice golf or tennis.

The evening was spent at Esclimont and included a wine tasting by the Château’s sommelier. Dinner was served in the “Salle des Trophées” and animated by a local orchestra, before retiring early to bed or for some members a continuation of the serious Calvados tasting started the day before!


Sunday meant an early start: blue jeans, sneakers, a cap or bonnet against the chilly morning air and cameras of course, that was the dress code for joining the balloon crew who had arrived at dawn to inflate the Montgolfières that were lying lazily on the Château’s lawn.

Thirty minutes of excitement as the crew straightened out the creases and arranged the ropes, raised the baskets into position and heated the burners. At the cry ‘Everyone on board’, everybody scrambled to get a good view and enjoy the fabulous sight of rising above the Château in the early morning silence and drifting away to the west across the fields of the Beauce.

The landing area was close to the forest and after a celebration glass of Champagne, we decided to go hunt some wild mushrooms before returning to Esclimont for Brunch.

A mid-afternoon transfer to Paris and Eurostar to London and it was all over!

For reservations and/or details, please contact Susan Holt at france@euromic.com
Chateau d'Esclimont

Chateau d'Esclimont

Chartres Cathedral

Forest of Esclimont

Chateau d'Esclimont


Chateau d'Esclimont