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Holt Paris is a French licensed travel agency specialising in incoming services to France and was founded in 1960 by Alan Holt. The company is the oldest privately owned DMC in Paris, and is well known for its expertise in the incentive and special interest markets, as well as in all other aspects of incoming travel.


Original Paris...

October 2011

Why not use a unique way of getting around this fascinating city whilst awaiting the latest Paris invention, the Autolib (see end of article).


Paris by Rickshaw

Enjoy the magic of the "City of Lights” on your first ride on a Calessino. Funny, strange and original are some of the adjectives used to describe these vehicles.

Six tour choices: La Bohême, La Bohême three-star, ZamZam, Petit ou Grande Découverte, Latino, day or night from €40 up to four people.

Tour : From 40 min to two and a half hours to visit the Tour Eiffel, Arc de Triomphe, Champs-Élysées, Louvre, Notre Dame, SacréCœur, Moulin Rouge and Opéra.


Paris by Segway

City Segway Tours is happy to welcome you to Paris and to everything the “City of Light” has to offer.

Imagine cruising effortlessly through the beautiful parks and sidewalks of Paris while receiving a great orientation, informative historical and current-day information, heaps of unique and fascinating stories, fantastic photo ops and superb personal service from your guide.

The Segway is the first of its kind – a self-balancing, personal transportation device that’s designed to operate in any pedestrian environment. It’s new, it’s cool and a ton of fun! City Segway Tours uses the new i2 machines!

Our four-hour tours are limited in size so you can count on a great experience. Discover what it’s like to be a Paris celebrity as everyone – and we mean everyone – turns to watch us glide by!


Paris by Bike Tours

Paris Bike Tour offers guided visits of Paris by bikeinsmall groups of 10 to 15 people to discover Paris and its out of the ordinary streets in total peace of mind.

There are different types of visits: the classic “Paris Rive Droite” (heart of Paris) and “Rive Gauche” and also the original “Paris by Night”.

Visits lasts about three hours and are with an English and French speaking guide. They also offer tours in German, Dutch, Spanish and Italian on request.

Price: €30 per person


Parisby 2 Chevaux

4 Roues Sous 1 Parapluie is a lively tourism company that offers lots of original services around the 2CV (with driver) and the art of living in the French way.

Thanks to its open-top, the 2CV offers a wonderful panoramic view and a pleasant atmosphere that allows passengers to discover the beauty of Paris.

The cars are ideal for an escapade or a rally accompanied by a local driver.


Paris by Caleche (Horse Drawn Carriages)

Visit Paris like a king in this royal city!Enjoy Paris in a barouche, a burgundy “vis-à-vis” double hooded carriage that can seat a maximum of four adults.

Your coachman, with top hat and elegant suit, will take you on an enchanting drive around the famous monuments of Paris, thanks to his great horses from the Perch region of France.

(A service of champagne, flowers and macaroons can be arranged)


Paris by Vintage Bus

A joyous return to driving through Paris as it was done in the 1950s!Champagne cocktails can be served on board as the bus makes its way along the cobbled streets of the center of town

This is an original way to transfer groups for short distances within the city.Each bus can seat 45 and is idea for a tour of this capital city.


Paris byVelib

Vélib is the largest bike-sharing company in the world and originated in the city of Paris in 2007. With over 20,000 bikes throughout the city, they are available yearlong at over 1,800 bike stations located approximately every 300 meters.Vélib offers you an alternative way to move around Paris.

And finally -

Paris byAutolib

In December of 2011, Paris will inaugurate a true first!  It is named Autolib– similar to the now popular Velib, who’s same facilities will now be available with electric cars.

What is Autolib?
This public service of electric hire cars will available from a number of different sites in Paris – simply take from one location and leave at another location for whatever time you may need it!  Eventually there will be cars available in 46 different towns in the Parisian area.

How will it work?
Autolib will work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A subscription/agreement in the name of the driver and a driving license will be obligatory. To hire a car you just have to go to one of the car-hire stations and by use of a credit card take possession of a car. The driver may return the car to the same or any other hire station.  There will be 1,100 hire stations all over Paris, each one with a electric charging device. There will eventually be 3,000 electric cars available for hire.

The price?
Three options:          
- An annual subscription for €12/month
- A weekly subscription for €15
- A daily subscription for €10

Which car?
Equipped with an electric battery, the car will have a range of 250 km.

Where to find the stations?
Either on the surface or in one of the underground parking station. In Paris, each surface station will have four cars available whereas those in the underground will have ten cars. Help and advice will be on hand by the Autolib staff in certain stations.

A test phase with 66 cars and 33 stations will begin in October and on December 1,Autolib will be proposed to Parisians with at least 250 cars and 250 stations. Eventually, this service will propose more than 3,000 cars and 1,100 stations.


We at Holt Paris Welcome Service are waiting to welcome you very soon!

Interested in learning more? Please contact Susan Holt at france@euromic.com


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