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Essen and Ruhr Metropolis...

October 2009

Since 1985 the Council of the European Union has bestowed the title of “European Capital of Culture” on at least one European city per year. Since 2005, the title has been awarded to a different country in the European Union every year. The aim of selecting a “European Capital of Culture” is to emphasize the cultural riches, the variety and the common cultural heritage in Europe, and to make a contribution towards mutual understanding amongst the citizens of Europe. The chosen “Capital of Culture” presents numerous cultural events throughout its respective year. For 2010 the EU has selected the Hungarian city of Pécs and the Turkish city of Istanbul to be \"European Capitals of Culture\" alongside the City of Essen and the Ruhr metropolitan area.


Everything remains different

The view from outer space shows that the Ruhr is the third largest urban conurbation in Europe after London and Paris: a coherent urban area with its own particular character. There was never one particular center here, never a single urban core, nor will one ever exist.

What, at first sight, seems to be the architectural expression of an idiosyncratic historical development in Europe is now proving to be a source of immense strength. The urban organism consisting of 53 local authorities of all sizes offers us an exciting range of opportunities with a considerable utopian potential. The Capital of Culture program is based on the core image of a polycentric urban model in which it will be possible to plan and develop new forms of urbanity and an independent structure of networks.

“Essen for the Ruhr” is initiating and promoting cooperative projects between its towns, museums, theatres and arts associations, business players and creative artists, and between the cultural players of the region and those in the rest of Europe – always with the aim of setting up new urban networks and establishing them on a permanent basis. The projects are not only authentic but specifically adapted to absorb the characteristics of the metropolitan area and take them into new directions.

The Ruhr Metropolis is on the move. And everything will remain different. 


What’s going on in the Ruhr metropolitan area in 2010?

Throughout the whole year, lots of exciting projects, festivals and exhibitions will take place which shall radiate far beyond the year of 2010.

Tourism and architecture are the driving force. Outstanding buildings and tourist infrastructures will make it easier for people to grasp the polycentric urban region in a new way and enable visitors to experience unconventional metropolitan events. A lot of things are still in a state of flux and some of the projects are still not certain.

Plans are in full swing for the opening of the European Capital of Culture year in the Ruhr Metropolis. It will start officially with a festive opening ceremony at the Zollverein World Cultural Heritage site in Essen on the 9th of January 2010: \"Essen for the Ruhr\" will be stepping out on to the stage of Europe for the first event in a year full of sensations. The 9th January 2010 will mark the start of a year that will long remain in the memory of the inhabitants of the Ruhr Metropolis.

You are welcome to participate!


For further information, please contact Michael Kater and/or Thorsten Schwarz at

Ruhr 2010

Ruhr Museum

Lohberg Colliery Dinslaken

Küppersmühle of Modern Art

Zollverein School

Bildergalerie Zollverein