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Athens & Mykonos Combination…

April 2006

DAY 1: Arrival in Greece

Arrival & Transfer from Airport
Transfer from Athens new International airport to any hotels at the Athens city center.
Transfer services include meet & greet (immediately after baggage claim) escort and transportation by deluxe air-conditioned coach. Bag carts are included.

Hotel: King George II Palace Hotel
The King George II was created for people who recognize quality and demand excellence in all they do. A member of the Leading Hotels of the World, the King George II combines the grace and stature of a historic landmark with ultra-modern amenities and personal service that puts guests’ comfort above all else,  right down to a personal trainer in the state-of-the-art health club, exclusively for hotel guests.

Evening: Daphne’s Restaurant Dinner
Located at the start of Plaka (old Athens – under the Acropolis), this restaurant is now a firm favourite not only with ordinary Athenians, but Greek and foreign dignitaries.  It seems to have become a must dine at place for all VIP visitors, from the Queen of Spain, to Hillary Clinton.  Richard Holbrook, French Presidents, the rich and famous, including Roger Moore, Meryl Streep, the Kennedys’, Nicolas Cage amongst many others dine here when in Athens and their signatures and comments decorate the small entrance.  Housed in a beautifully renovated neo-classical house with quaint courtyard, the restaurant serves “traditional” Greek Cuisine.

DAY 2: Private Tours & Excursions

Option 1 : Athens City Tours including Acropolis
(Duration 3 hours approximately.)
A must for any visitor to Athens, this tour is a superb introduction, to the history and culture of this magnificent country. Drive past the neo-classical buildings of the Academy, the University, and the National Library and on to Omonia Square before moving on to Syntagma or Constitution Square (the heart of central Athens).

Opposite is, the Parliament building thus the square’s name, where the National Guards (Evzones) in their colourful uniform skirts and pom-pom shoes, guard the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. See the Pan-Athenian Stadium, the all white marble stadium where history was made as the site of the first modern Olympic Games. Nearby the tall stone structure Hadrian’s Arch separates the Temple of Zeus from modern Athens. Also view the Pnyx (the meeting place for the Assembly of the ancient city of Athens), the Theseum and the Agora with the reconstructed Stoa of Attalos.

Then, on to the Acropolis, at the base of which stand the ancient theatres of Dionysos and the still used Odeon of Herodos Atticus. Opposite is Philopapos Hill offering a magnificent panoramic view of Athens. The highlight is the visit to the Acropolis.
This comprehensive visit will reveal to you the splendour and timeless beauty of the Parthenon as well as its other monuments including the Propylaea, the Temple of Wingless victory, and the Erectheum. A visit to the Acropolis Museum is included.                                                                                                 


Option 2 : Athens by Bike Tours
This tour addresses to all bicycle enthusiasts who want to get to know Athens in a short time and at a relaxed pace: A 10 km ride passing by all \"must see\" locations of ancient Athens. The tour lasts two hours including a short break and stops for photos. Athens City tour is designed by people who understand the needs of the bicycle \"friends\" and aim to promote Athens beauty in an ideal way. You will bike around the Acropolis area, the old area of Plaka, the ancient Agora (market) and all the main monuments at the foot of the Acropolis. The area has been remodelled to keep the cars away and it is for the use of pedestrians and bikes only. A safe way to see Athens without the hassle of the traffic.                                                        

Evening: Dionyssos Restaurant
In the Shadow of the Parthenon
The Dionysos Restaurant is one of the more established and renowned restaurants of Athens. Boasting an unsurpassed view of the Acropolis, in particular the magnificent and timeless Parthenon, the Dionysos also offers some of the best food to be had in this city. Recently renovated the restaurant is popular with visitors and locals alike, offering a number of areas both indoors and outdoors (all with a clear view) for dining.

DAY 3 : Private Tours & Excursions

Option 1 : Treasure Hunt in Plaka
In Plaka the folk quarters of old Athens City, adventure takes place. Wander around the narrow almost labyrinth streets and pathways of Plaka, passing through the famous Flea Market in Monastiraki.

Teams unite to find a series of clues, solve a number of riddles and discover maps leading to a buried treasure. But, it is not as easy as it seems. Teams must also answer questions on the Greek history, mythology and life. There are no losers; the real treasure is a Greek Feast with ouzo and mezes (Greek tidbits) in a local \"ouzeri\" under the shadow of the eternal Parthenon.                                 


Option 2 : Underground Discovery
Athens has one of the most modern metro systems of today.  Due to the rich antique discoveries during the construction, most of the metro stations are today “antique art stations”. We propose you today to discover Athens, its new metro system and unique museums by using the metro system which reveal the Greek culture and legacy. The Metro stations bring to light parts of Athens that had been hidden. In this manner, the Metro stations become “Mini- museums” attracting the residents and the visitors of Attica,

The participants will be split in small teams. Each team must visit a certain number of metro stations, and some of the museums or Athens highlights near the metro stations. The team members will receive a route plan, and will have to reply to several questions relating to the discovery. A unique and fun way to discover Athens on your own. (Metro tickets, city plans, entrance fees to the museum and scripting included)          

Evening: Orizontes Restaurant
Certainly the best city view as it is located on Lycabettus Hill, the highest point in Athens. It was recently taken over by the current owners, totally refurbished, and the result is a superb, elegant restaurant. You need to take the funicular up to this restaurant. Serving great food, excellent wine and the best view of Athens. Indoors in winter, outdoors in summer.

DAY 4 : Departure to Mykonos

Belvedere Hotel
Hotel Belvedere, a new five star hotel, just below the district road and across from the School of Fine Arts, is one of the finest in Mykonos Town.
The unique Cycladic architecture and the magnificent view of the picturesque town and the Aegean Sea promises its guests an unforgettable stay. It is just a few steps away from Mykonos entertainment activities, with panoramic view of Mykonos Town and the Aegean Sea, surrounded by a relaxing and beautiful garden.

DAY 5 : Private Tours & Excursions

Walking Tour of Mykonos
This tour will take you around the narrow streets of Mykonos town, in order for guest to appreciate the beauty and architecture of the island. They will visit traditional places, such as churches, bakeries and cafes.

Street Party
A very successful function we organise on Mykonos is a Street Party. Held in Alefkandra Square located under the island’s famous windmills and overlooking the sea from where guests will view one of the most beautiful sunsets. We adorn the square (which also houses 2 churches) with garland colour lamps and add such props as a local fisherman weaving his nets (he is very picturesque and has acted in every movie that has been shot on Mykonos), a donkey carrying large baskets of flowers or fruit, and the island’s mascot, Peter the Pelican as the “guest of honour” to greet our guests.

The function commences around 7.30 pm, after guests have had enough time to wander through the labyrinthine shop lined streets of Mykonos. Guests walk to Alefkandra Square (a 5 minute walk through the shopping area) which is flanked on one side by two churches and on the opposite side by the resplendent setting sun. A bar station or stations will have been set up as well as a buffet of rich local dishes, lobster, shrimps, chicken, veal, suckling pig, rice stuffed vine leaves, stuffed tomatoes, etc. as well as various desserts, including fresh fruits, and sweets. The area will include enough tables and tavern chairs for everyone.
The scene is now set. A few “local patrons” (the musicians) are seated at a centre table (enjoying wine and food). As they become merry they begin to play. The dancers will then get up and dance, some having mingled with the crowd , encouraging guests to join in on the merriment Mykonos-style.  

Evening: Katrine’s Restaurant
Probably the oldest of the elite restaurants in Mykonos, this is a most enjoyable restaurant for its cuisine, charm and service.  Home-style Greek and International cuisine, it seems untouched by the passage of time.  Situated in the heart of the picturesque town in the middle of a very narrow street.

DAY 6 : Private Tours & Excursions

Delos Tour (Half Day)
Close to Mykonos is the small island of Delos, once an important commercial and religious centre now the whole island is an archaeological site, its shattered remains testimonials to this once great ancient city. A 40 minute ride on a traditional Greek boat will take you from Mykonos to Delos.  On arriving at Delos harbour, your experienced guide will escort you over this historical island. Follow the majestic sacred way that leads to the Sanctuary of Apollo, where temples, altars, votive offerings and other buildings once stood. Visible today, are the ruins of four temples to Apollo including the Temple of the Athenians. The tour will take you east to the Sanctuary of the Bulls, and north participants will be able to see the Treasuries and the long, narrow Stoa of Antigonus.

Other points of interest on this walking tour include: The Sanctuary of Artemis with an Ionic temple dedicated to its goddess, the tomb of the Two Hyperborean Maidens, the Agora of the Italians, the Stadium, the Gymnasium and not forgetting the famous Terrace of the Lions. Many of the ancient houses yield superb mosaic floors with representations of Dionysos, a dolphin and trident. Visit the museum at leisure. Duration of tour 2-3 hours.
Note, this is a walking tour as no vehicles exist on Delos.                                                     


Beach Shuttle
Beach Shuttle to Platis Yalos and/or Paradise Beach

Evening: Sea Satin Restaurant
Referred to as the trendiest restaurant in Mykonos, this has wonderfully unique Greek food, although the menu is a little limited, what they do they do well, specializing in fresh fish and lobster.  Light modern cuisine – with lots of vegetarian.  The location of the restaurant is wonderful – hidden away from the loud and noisy streets of Mykonos – you have to really look for it under the windmills. The best way for people to get to taste a little of these wonderful dishes, is to arrange for a variety of appetizers to be shared.          


For further information and reservations, please address your requests to Mr. Michael or Mr. Byron Argiri at


King George II Palace Hotel

Daphne Restaurant

Athens Bikes

Dionyssos Restaurant



Orizontes Restaurant

Belvedere Hotel

Mykonos by night

Katrine Restaurant


Sea Satin Restaurant