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Once upon a time... Greece, before

May 2006

Central Theme: Performance based on Ancient Greek texts and the dance and music of Antiquity.
3 simultaneous frames or parts in 5 sequences of 4 to 5 minutes each during dinner
Total duration of the artistic interventions: 25 minutes

The living frames (duration: 1 minute before the choreographic sequences):
1. The narration 
Interpretation in ancient Greek of selected excerpts from Euripides drama, ancient Greek  drama with all the great theatrical dimensions.
2. The music
By the Lyravlos Company and directed by Panayiotis Stefos
3. The choreographic sequences  
Throughout all of antiquity, dance played an important role in combination with music and poetry. Dinners were accompanied by performances of musicians, dancers and acrobats (fire, crystal,…)

The 3 choreographic parts will be based on authentic dances of antiquity.
The dancers will have special body painting and hairdos, they will wear beautiful original costumes, and all this will give an exceptional note to the show which will mingle marble and reality.

A simple and original scenic creation encompassing the three elements of life: wind, sea, travel – Eros – Human Celebrations

Before dinner, six shell players will announce the arrival of the guests.
During dinner and the performances, a concert of ancient Greek music will be performed:
Music in antiquity was intimately connected with other arts, especially theater and dance, and was rarely practiced for its own sake . Therefore we will also try to keep this living unity of body and spirit and give an impression of it in our performance. On stage, original music will be interpreted with ancient instruments. Reconstructed ancient musical instruments breathe again and bring archaic sounds back to life, Lyravlos  gives us a unique musical experience where sounds, music and rhythm come to life and overwhelm the listener, awakening fantastic images and sensations. The ensemble is marked by strong artistic sensitivity together with scientific precision. The group has performed in venues and cultural institutions all over the Europe, Canada and the USA, as well as in their Greek homeland, with important appearances at the Olympic Flame Lighting Ceremony for the Athens Olympic Games 2004, the Opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games of Athens 2004, and opening ceremonies of the Para-Olympic games of Athens 2004.

For more information and/or to integrate this activity into a program, please contact Mr. Michael Argiri at
Once upon a time