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Play with the Greeks!

July 2007

Team building activity “monopoly game”


An activity park reserved for your participants.

All activities are designed in order to offer lots of fun to the male or female participants of all ages!

The participants may move freely and take part in any activity they wish, as many times as they want. Each time the participants play, they receive “monopoly” money according to their performance. This monopoly money will be added to the team’s moneybox. Some of the activities require 2 –3 players, some of them more than 7. The players must think as a team and assign their people where necessary so as to win the game. Team working must prevail in order to have a winner!

The first three teams that gather the most monopoly money win medals.

Suggested Games

Save them!
One team member is locked up and the rest of the team must free him or her as soon as possible. The problem is that the key is tied to cork at the bottom of a barrel. The only way to get it is to fill the barrel with water to make the cork come to the top.  The trouble does not stop there…

Obstacle course
A very funny game where the team members must pass over or under “death rays” and put as many balls as they can into the basket.

Exactly what the name implies but definitely not as dangerous. A plank supported on a fulcrum has on one side a ball and is under tension with the help of an elastic band. The “shooter” keeps shooting tennis balls with it. On the opposite side and at some distance from the catapult, the receiver has a contraption on his head, constituted of a helmet with a small basket on top and he has to put as many balls as possible in the basket in a specified time!
A trial period for adjustment is given at the beginning!

Chained relay
Each player gets a strap and a connection ring and wears it around his waist.
Then each team stands on a line. At a distance there is a barrel. Each team has a number of balls. The first player must run and drop the ball in the barrel (behind the shooting line, two meters away from the barrel.) When he returns he must link his strap with the second teammate. Now they both have to score the same way.
Same happens with the third player and so on.
The winning team is the one that scores the most within the given period of time.

The team must cover a certain course while blindfolded. One player (the guide) must stand outside and is allowed to see in order to give instructions to the rest of the team.

Chariot Race
You have 10 minutes for the construction of the chariot. During this time you may test it anyway you want.
Your mission is to construct the chariot by utilizing certain materials and then use it to race.
After you finish the construction, half of your teammates must line up at one end of the lane and the other half at the opposite end.
One member seats on the chariot (looking backwards) and two others, blindfolded, push the chariot according to the rider’s instructions.
As soon as they reach the other end of the lane, the chariot must change passenger and team and return to the starting line. The fastest team wins.

Green precious stones
One circle in which all the participants are prohibited to step inside composes this game area. In the center is well kept one subject that the participants have to remove without stepping inside the circle. The given materials and the appropriate use of them helps the participants to achieve their aim.

With the help of specially trained personnel, the participants will try their hand at archery, a sport that, though it can give the wrong first impression, can be a very exciting activity.
The participants will be given all the needed equipment, including of course bows and arrows, and they will be taught the basic skills needed to aim their arrows correctly!

Sea Games
 - The beach game: The participants should go under the ropes that are on the beach and over the ropes that are in the sea, should swim fast and score more baskets than the other teams.
- Sea hot dogs games: Paddle fast on your hot dog through the couloirs and win the race.

Play with the Greeks!

For more information, please contact Michael Argiri at

The Game

Save them!

Obstacle Course


Chained Relay


Chariot Race

Green Precious Stones


Sea Hot dog