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Grecian Evening...

September 2008

The Venue

Located inside the National Gardens (about a 10 minute drive from most downtown Athens hotels), Zappeion is one of the most beautiful buildings of Athens. This magnificent neo-classical building with a columned front hosts regularly State dinners. Inside there is a circular open-air, column surrounded courtyard in the center.  The upper level balconies overlook the courtyard. 


The Welcome

As the guests walk up the red carpeted corridor to the Zappeion building, a line of drummers on each side of the corridor welcome the guests playing the anthem from the opening ceremony of the Athens Olympic Games 2004.  12 Priestesses also welcome the guests, each one holding a lit torch or throwing flower petals.
Grecian Priestesses guide them into the cocktail area where Live Statues are part of the “decoration” and perform some interaction with the guests.
After cocktails, the Grecian Priestesses escort guests to dining area (the columned Peristile area)

The Entertainment

“Ancient Greek Art exposed through the Human Body”

Duration: approx. 10 minutes
This is a tailor made unique show, choreographed and performed by the same group of theatrical actors and dancers that participated in the Opening Ceremony of the Athens Olympic Games in 2004.  It is a show combining music, dance, theatrical performance and visual references representing a journey into the Greek cosmos based on the ancient Greek Arts.

“Revival of the Ancient Olympic Games”

Duration: approximately 30 minutes
This show depicts the highlights of the glorious history of the Olympic Games from the Ancient times till today, allowing our guests to live the history of the Ancient Olympic Spirit.
It begins with a video projection showing the Pre Olympic Preparation and the Olympic Truce. A choir enters singing the Olympic Anthem. Simultaneously three flags are elevated – the Olympic flag, the Greek flag and a flag from the company’s country. The choir exits, ancient Greek music starts playing and the priestesses enter to dance the Ceremonial Dance for the lighting of the Olympic Flame.
A Video projection is shown of the Olympic Torch Tour around the World. An athlete enters carrying the Olympic flame and lights the Olympic torch officially inaugurating the commencement of the games. The athletes perform a live demonstration of sports such as fighting, discus, javelin etc, which were performed during the ancient Olympics. The games end with an Award Ceremony in line with the original historical protocol. The winning athlete is carried away on the shoulders of his fellow athletes. Priestesses crown each guest with an Olympic olive wreath.

“Zorba Dancers”

After dinner, 8 drummers appear performing a percussion show, which will be followed by bouzouki players and dancers to perform the famous to all “Zorba dance”.


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The Welcome

Live Statues

Bouzouki Player

Zorba Dance