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Conceptours provides its clientele with preferential rates based on its purchasing power with hotels, cruises, venues, restaurants, entertainment, audio-visual & staging, transportation, top-notch licensed guide lecturers, etc. nationwide in Greece.

Conceptours was founded in 1977 is renowned as one of Greece's top Destination Management Companies specializing in the planning, designing and operation of creative itineraries for discerning FIT's as well as for incentive, conference, meeting and symposium groups. All requests are replied to in detail within 24 hours of receipt.

Conceptours have a proven track record for innovations and creativity and has received numerous awards of excellence including that the respected International Herald Tribune pronounced Conceptours the leading DMC in Greece.


The Athens Street Party...

December 2009

Conceptours is proud to present a New Event in Athens, by the Acropolis:


“The Athens Street Party”

During the short walk to the Street Party, guests are entertained by fire jugglers.
The Street Party Event takes place in a narrow pedestrian path flanked by several restaurants & bars…
Open bars and rich buffets…
Street entertainers…
…And an unforgettable night continues on!



By the way, did you know that…?

Greece has the 10th longest coastline in the world with 9,300 miles? America\'s coastline is estimated at 11,800 miles.

… the land area of Greece is slightly smaller than the US state of Alabama?

Greece has over 2000 islands, but only 227 of which are inhabited?

… the city of Athens is surrounded by 7 hills?

… after Switzerland, Greece is the most mountainous country in Europe?

… 55% of the youth in Greece graduate from 4-year college studies – the highest rate of formal education in the world?

… 85% of Greeks own their accommodation which is the highest rate in the EU?

Athens is the oldest city in Europe?

Greece has the largest maritime fleet in the world?

… during World War II, Greece fought Germany, Italy and Albania simultaneously and that it was the only country that held the most days of resistance (219 days) before succumbing to the Nazi forces?

… in a famous 1941 speech Winston Churchill stated: “Greeks do not fight like heroes. Heroes fight like Greeks!”

Athens boasts one of the oldest subways in the world?

Athens’s Metro system is currently one of the most modern and efficient in the world?

Greek Virgin Olive Oil is renowned and accepted as being the world\'s very best.

… after Spain and Italy, Greece is the third largest producer of olive oil in the world? 60% of cultivated land in Greece is devoted to the growing of olives and half its total olive oil production is exported to other countries, most of which is re-labeled as their own.

…in ancient Greece, children of wealthy families were dipped in olive oil at birth to keep their bodies hairless?

… the New Testament was written in Greek?

… 13% of the English Dictionary is derived from Greek words?

… Santa Claus is Greek?  St. Nicholas was a rich Greek who donated his money to the poor.

Greece has 566 fully operating wineries that produce and bottle wine on their premises?

Greece exports their wines to several countries including France, most of which is re-labeled as their own?

there are at least 63 different folk dances in Greece?

… the popular “Yo-Yo” toy is the second oldest known toy in the world and it originated in the days of ancient Greece around 3,000 years ago?

the renowned Belgian pralines chocolates "Leonidas" have been named after the 5th century BC King of Sparta?

almost 50% of Greece\'s 11 million inhabitants live in Athens?



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StreetParty Athens

StreetParty Athens

StreetParty Athens

StreetParty Athens

StreetParty Athens

StreetParty Athens

StreetParty Athens

StreetParty Athens

StreetParty Athens

StreetParty Athens

StreetParty Athens