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The Fine Art of Wining – a Hungaricum…

March 2004

Grape growing and wine making occupied an important role in the history of Hungary. Winery has not only been an economic activity but also an organic part of the culture. Introduced by the Celts in the 4th-3rd centuries BC, it was continued by the Romans and later by the Magyars. A real tradition that never has ceased.

The most beautiful landscapes and the most renowned wine regions are, as a rule, to be found in the same places. Among the 20 historic wine regions Tokaj-Hegyalja is beyond doubt the most famous. Due to the special microclimate, soil conditions, and the delayed harvests, the Tokaj Aszu wines are the best dessert wines in the world. Tokaj wines collected accolades from Schubert and Beethoven to Franz Liszt, to Goethe, from Voltaire to Heine. The French king Louis XVI called it the ’wine of the kings and the king of the wines’.
Other wine regions as Villány, Sopron, Eger, or the Lake Balaton area produce wines matching the highest world standards. True devotees of the grape make pilgrimages to the impressive wine cellars of honeycomb towns like Tokaj, Badacsony, to Eger or Villány to mention but a few.

Blaguss Travel Ltd. organizes tours along the historic wine roads throughout the country, where gourmet dinners enhance but do not dominate the pleasure of wine tasting. Wine lovers joining these tours of the wine yards, discover private cellars and meet up with expert guides assisting the hosts to make the guests familiar with the various crops and other special features of each wine.

Those who cannot go too far from the capital, the famous Chardonnay of Etyek or the world champion Cserszegi Fuszeres of Neszmély can be tested on the spot within a couple of hours. Even nearer, at Budafok, in the suburbs of Budapest a huge cellar system hides and preserves the best crops from all over the country and offers unique wining pleasures to the connoisseurs visiting those cellars.

A number of annual events pay tribute to the best Hungarian wines:
Whitsun Wine Tour and Open Cellars, Festival of Eger Bull’s Blood on Saint Donald’s Day, Budapest International Wine and Opera Festival in September, and numerous Festivals of Grape and Wine making across the country at vintage time.

Gourmet dinners and gala functions cannot be imagined without the best selection of the outstanding Hungarian wines.

Hungarians enjoys the ritual of toasting, so the first word to get your tongue around is ’egészségedre’.

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