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Blaguss–Volanbusz Ltd. / ADM Hungary
38th EASD Congress & Construction boom in Budapest

August 2002

Blaguss – Volanbusz Ltd. / ADM Hungary
38th EASD Congress & Construction boom in Budapest INTRODUCTION: Blaguss-Volanbusz Ltd. in the depths of the preparations to the forthcoming 38th Annual Meeting of the EASD, which will take place on September 1-5, 2002 in Budapest.
Current news: hotel constructions & historic castle renovations.

1 – EASD preparatory

It is our great pride that three years ago Blaguss-Volanbusz Ltd. won the tender of hosting one of the world’s most popular medical congresses, the 38th Annual Meeting of the European Association of the Study of Diabetes (EASD).
The city of Budapest will host about eight thousand participants, which means that all five, four and three star category accommodation has been sold out.

One of the highlighted social programs will be the Welcome Party “A taste of Hungary” in the City Park, near the splendorous Heroes\' Square where attendees can enjoy a unique performance of the 100 Gypsies Virtuosi Orchestra.
They will also have the opportunity to taste the versatility of the superb Hungarian cuisine, from rustic to modern dishes, accompanied with a selection of exquisite Hungarian Wines.

The majestic building of the Fine Arts Museum siding the square will open its premises to show the EASD visitors its extraordinary Spanish, Venetian and Dutch collections. Monumental fireworks will round off this unforgettable evening.

Prestigious venues will be used by major pharmaceutical companies to give large scale gala evenings: the lavish rooms of Gellért Spa, the former royal palace – now housing the National Gallery – and the Kiscelli Museum – once a trinity church – are just a few of them ... More info on the congress can be found at

2 – Current News

Hotel construction boom still continues in Budapest.

A Four Seasons hotel will open at the end of 2002 in the historic downtown area of the city. The Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal will add a long wished capacity of 310 rooms to the stock of five star properties. Extensive and state-of-the-art meeting facilities are most welcome by local and international meeting planners. Opening: Fall 2002.

Former Hotel Palace undergoes a full reconstruction and will open as a second Novotel in Budapest.

Historic castles renovations

The reconstruction works of the historic Hungarian castles and mansions is also continuing with considerable governmental support. Meeting the needs of modern times, new castle hotels such as Szidónia at Röjtökmuzsaj, the Sasvár Hotel at Parádsasvár and the Apponyi Mansion at Hogyész have extensive wellness/fitness facilities in a historic or scenic setting. A cross-country tour visiting a few of these castles and mansions proves to be a favorite round trip for small upscale groups or FIT’s.
Heros Square

Baroque Court

Gellert Bath

Szidonia Castle