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Hungary’s accession to the Shengen Zone...

June 2008

Hungary, along with eight other European Union members, joined the Schengen passport-free travel zone last December. As a result, border controls between Hungary and other member states of the zone ceased on land and water borders from December 21st, 2007. In air transport, border controls were abolished on March 30th, 2008.
The single biggest change concerns visa policy. After full accession, visas and resident permits that are issued by any other Schengen member states for stays no longer than 90 days, are also valid in Hungary. Similarly, uniform Schengen visas issued by Hungary\'s official representations abroad are also valid in the entire Schengen zone.

The Schengen rules came into force at Ferihegy Airport from the start of this year\'s summer timetable that is from 30th March 2008. This has brought about changes to the operations of Malév and, therefore, to our passengers, too. There is no longer any passport control at the Ferihegy air border for all travelers flying to Schengen states.
Also, as a consequence of the new regulations, Malév no longer operates solely from Terminal 2A. All flights to and from Schengen countries continue to operate out of 2A, while non-Schengen traffic goes through 2B.

Convention center rising in Budapest

Hungexpo’s new Pavilion G in Budapest will open this autumn!
The multifunctional hall will have a usable floor space of 9.500 sqm and will allow the hosting of groups up to 5.000 – 6.000 people at one time.

Sport Arena

The state of the art, 21st century facility is offering accommodating from a minimum capacity of 2.500 till a maximum of 12.500 persons in total safety and comfort. The hall is equipped with the most up to date light and sound equipment.
The ground level of the arena can be opened till a maximum size of 8.000 sqm and many types of layouts can be applied. The area can easily be divided by carpet and draping.
We can provide our guests 4 multipurpose rooms of 450 sqm, with a capacity of 200-350 persons each.
We can also provide a multipurpose room of 500 sqm, capable of hosting 400-1.500 persons. If you wish to set up a large-scale event, you have the possibility to rent the main, central room of the Arena.
• Total room configuration: 8.000-12.500 persons
• Half room configuration 3.000 – 8.000 persons
• Small room capacity: until 3.000 persons
For outdoor event venues the terrace/deck of the Arena is the ideal place with 15.000 sqm, the size and equipment can easily be adapted according to your needs.

Syma Sport and Event Center

Hungary’s most modern multifunctional event venue has been in service since 2006. Its owner intends to expand the facility next year, adding a brand-new convention center aiming to host 5.140 persons. Opening: September 2009
Organizers and visitors will have a total 1.000 parking spaces available. Nine breakout rooms with capacities varying between 50 and 500, plus further offering four function rooms linked to the more than 5.000-seat plenary area. The complex will be built to provide seating for up to 20.000 people at one time.

New Restaurant in Budapest

The 3.000 sqm Symbol Budapest gastronomy and event center opened this February with seven rooms each differentiated from one another in terms of surface and style. The naturally illuminated loft event hall has a basic floor area of 200 sqm. The 2nd floor Live Music Club with gallery is primarily aimed at light music entertainment programs over an area of slightly more than 500 sqm. The roofed SymbolGardenestablished in the center of the building offers direct access to the other units and is open all day. Gatherings of up to 160 persons can be staged here. Meals in the 120-covers Italian Fusion Restaurant are prepared in a wood-burning oven or in the open kitchen. A function room with mobile partitioning for 40 is linked to the guest area. The Cellar Restaurant comprises three spaces each with seating for 40. This is the place to enjoy authentic Hungarian cuisine. The Puskás Pancho Sport Pub accessed from the street can be partitioned; the 40-person function room is great for more relaxed events. Finally, the dark tones of Symbol’s own café make it perfect for select gatherings, meetings etc.

Dinner in the sky of Budapest

After Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin, London, Johannesburg… Dinner in the Sky is one of the most exclusive concepts presented in Budapest, Hungary!
Dinner in the Sky is an extra-ordinary experience with a culinary touch which allows people to dine at 50 meters up in the air, where ever they want: in the city or in the country side, on sport grounds or in cultural sites, private or public… Maybe that’s the reason why selected Dinner in the Sky in its list of the 10 most unusual restaurants in the world.
Dinner in the Sky can cater for 22 guests around the table, a chef in the middle with his 2 assistants. Every type of food can be served depending on the clients’ wishes.
It can be assisted by a second crane with another platform, offering additional possibilities such as a pianist or a band or any original presentation… in the sky.
Dinner in the Sky can be organized everywhere – which is one of the most exciting features of this concept… Dreaming is allowed: dining over the Danube at night, a cocktail near the Heroes Square, sightseeing at Lake Balaton… But also the Formula 1 Grand Prix, running races… Or overhanging a magnificent forest or vineyards, concerts, impressive castles…
Safety is a major concern. That’s why the table is built according to the German TÜV certification norms, probably the toughest security certification in the world. Everything, from the seatbelts to the crane, was conceived with an obsessive attention for security.
Dinner is the Sky can also be used for business events, such as a very confidential Board of Directors, Brainstorming sessions, TV shows or Product Presentations.

With Blaguss Travel Ltd.  / Blaguss Event.Pro, only The Sky is the limit!


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Dinner in the sky

Dinner in the sky

Dinner in the sky