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Blaguss DMC, a multi-functional Austrian-Hungarian Travel Company has focused on the MICE market since 1987. Both as a leading DMC and a Congress Bureau we cater for a most exigent clientele. Creative and devoted staff with long years of experience, solid background and personal care is the pledge of successful operations.


Important News from Hungary...

August 2010

Forget VAT!

Save time and money!

Due to recent changes in tax-regulations we at Blaguss Hungary are now able to offer you our services (accomodation, catering, venues, transportation, etc.) without charging 25% hungarian VAT.
This is in fact a huge advantage for your company (saving time and money), as our services will not contain hungarian VAT, which you have had to recuperate in a complicated and time consuming procedure in the past.


Great new openings

Continental Hotel Zara Opening in 2010

A brand new boutique hotel has opened its gates in June 2010 that symbolizes the past and future, the traditional Hungarian hospitality and refinement of detail and personal service of our age. The 4 star superior, 272 room hotel - offering standard, superior and executive rooms plus suites - revives the spirit of the legendary accommodation keeping its name and historical facade. The historical Continental Hotel was opened in 1910 as part of Hungarian Bath, which has been established in 1827 as the third largest spa in Budapest. The surroundings of the hotel (the streets and restaurants of the old Budapest Jewish quarter, the Klauzál market, the biggest synagogue in Europe and the bustling life of the nearby downtown) provide a unique atmosphere for the guests.

Nobu to open in Budapest
The nex member of the famous Nobu chain – founded by chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa, Hollywood-actor Robert de Niro, producer Meir Teper and investor Richie Notar in 1994 – will soon open its Budapest unit, at the Kempinski Hotel Corvinus. The first Nobu in Central Europa will offer a bar for 40 and a restaurant with suchi bar and a section room for 80 persons. Andy Vajna, well-known producer (Terminator), is owner of Nobu Budapest.


And finally

You know you are Hungarian/ you are in Hungary when…

  • feeding your guests is your main priority even if they claim they’re not hungry and in which case you get slightly offended/upset that they don’t want your hospitality.
  • you know that „a copper angel whistling on a willow tree” is actually a profane expression
  • you use fruits to make a soup
  • you tend to feel sorry for yourself for no particular reason and complain a lot
  • you know that the „goulash” you see in many restaurants has in fact little/nothing to do with the gulyásleves we really eat
  • meeting another Hungarian outside of Hungary is amazing
  • you love Túro Rudi but can’t really explain to foreigners what the hell it is until they try it
  • you have a funny accent in every other language you speak
  • you call a 79 km long lake (the Balaton) the Hungarian Sea and you are able to swim across it!
  • your language has two different words for love
  • you have a nameday and no foreigner understands what that’s good for
  • zou can’t tzpe on an English kezboard because y and z are mixed up
  • you believe that all geniuses and celebrities have some relation with Hungarians. Or they just simply are Hungarians.
  • Winnie the Pooh amd The Flintstones is actually much funnier translated into your language than the original
  • you know that all parts of a pig are edible and it takes only half a day, some friends from the countryside and 2 litres of palinka to prove it
  • it surprises you again and again how much more impressive and chiselled the Hungarian translations of most non-Hungarian poems are than the originals
  • you can make astonishingly delicious dishes without spending more than 3 euros (krumplistészta, káposztástészta, túróstészta)
  • you can (actually) pronounce „gy”, as in „hogy vagy” and not say hogi vagi
  • you can pronounce the word „megkelkáposztástalaníthatatlanságaitokért” (longest non-compound word)
  • friends/family celebrate your birthday by pulling your ears
  • there is thermal water or a spa in your hometown or very close to your hometown
  • people from all over the world keep on asking you if you understand anything from the Finnish language
  • someone says that Hungarian „is like Russian and all those other Slavic languages” and then you have to go into great detail about the origins of Hungarian with a scolding history lesson
  • you know why the bells of every church ring every day at noon
  • there’s a Petőfi, a Széchenyi and a Kossuth street even in the most backward settlement. And you can get anywhere in Hungary just by consistently following Kossuth street through every town you go through
  • you are having a hard time explaining to foreigners that actually when you write or say your name, your family name/surname comes first.
  • having a barbecue means roasting lard on a stick and dripping the grease on bread
  • you think bread, lard and palinka is a balanced meal as long as you also have onions
  •  you live abroad and wander around in a bookstore, you very frequently end up in the travel section, longingly staring at the photos of an unbelievably gorgeous Budapest (or whichever city you are from)


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