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Autumn in Hungary...

October 2012

Autumn in Hungary

The summer is over, but there’s so much to do in Hungary during autumn you won’t have time to be sad. Let’s go out and get some new experiences! Here come our tips for the fall!

      A. Take a walk among colourful trees

Budapest Margaret Island is beautiful in fall. Take a romantic walk after lunch in the afternoon sun and collect yellow sycamore leaves or chestnuts. If you have more time, visit the Mátra or Bükk hills in Northern Hungary, The Buda hills, Pilis, Normafa right next to Budapest or the Bakony in Transdanubia. All are perfect places to have a full-day hiking in the forests. Trees have fabulous colours in September and October, so don’t forget your camera! Look for a narrow-gauge train to see more of the forest and get to other nice places.

      B. Wine-Harvest

If you have the chance to participate in a real Hungarian wine-harvest, you will experience something you won’t forget in your life. Traditional food, fresh wines, good company, all you need for a perfect day! There are also many wine-festivals (and pálinka, and beer, and gastro festivals) during autumn, where you can explore and taste the varied wines of the country.

In Hungary autumn is the time for harvesting the grapes for new wines. From September to mainly November people come together on vineyards and collect the grapes, having great meals and drinking the old wine made in the previous years.

Don’t hesitate to dive in one and get lost among wine lovers!
Or enjoy one of the Top 5 Grape Harvest Festivals in Hungary

      1. Harvest Festival - 29-30 September, Eger
Eger is well known for Bull’s Blood red wine. Now’s the time to take a look how it all starts from the grapes.

      2. Grape harvest day - 29-30 September, Tököl
Traditional Hungarian harvest day with popular customs. Not far from the capital.

      3. Harvest Festival and Harvest Ball - 05-07 October, Dunaharaszti
Autumn crop with arts and crafts, grape harvesting, grinding, pressing, trampling, must-making - must, wine and brandy tasting, dance show. And it’s all close to Budapest.

      4. Tokaj Harvest Days - 5-7 October, Tokaj
You have to visit Tokaj one day anyway, so why not go when it’s harvest time, and the little town of Tokaj became teeming.

      5. Hungarian Harvest & Cheese Festival - 24-25 November, Budapest
Not really a harvest festival, but is closely related to it. Come and taste Hungary's best new wines and handmade cheese.

      C. Visit Exhibitions, Concerts, Attractions

Now’s the time to get to the museums and exhibitions you wished to visit this year. Instead of sunbathing and having fun on plages, autumn is the perfect period to make up for the missed culture programs. Season starts with autumn in most of the theatres and in the Opera House; make sure you buy your tickets in time. Plenty of excellent concerts await you everywhere to spice up your evenings.

      D. Have a rest in the Spas

Some baths are open all year long. Thermal spas of the capital are always a good choice. The Széchenyi Bath has open air pool too. Sárvár , Bükfürdő and Zalakaros are also nice places to visit, with superb spas, but overall the best spot for soaking so far is the Lake of Hévíz, Hungary’s natural thermal lake with the water temperature around 25-28 °C in autumn.

      E. The fabulous adventures of... you!

The biking routes of Hungary become more beautiful as autumn arrives, so get your wheels and choose a destination, like Lake Balaton, Őrség or Lake Tisza. Not enough? Visit one of the adventure parks and put yourself to the test! Even if the weather goes bad, this is a good program to take! But if you looking for something unique, get to a farm and pay yourself in for a horse ride in the wilderness. We are sure you will feel like you are in a fairytale.



Some ideas for autumn

A. Whole day excursion to Lake Balaton

Day Program for 120 pax. Departure by coaches to Balatonfüred
After arriving at Balatonfüred walking to the Pier and embarking the boat „Klára”. The boat is rented privatly for the group. Capacity: 300 pax
Cruising from Balatonfüred to Tihany. During the cruise we serve cold dishes and drinks. Arrival to Tihany

Part of the group (60 pax) take Dottos (small nostalgic trains) and make a nice trip (about 30 min.) up to the hill, to the center of the town of Tihany. Guests will have free time for walking around in the town and enjoying the view. Afterwards we visit the famous Abbey.

Wine tasting at Koczor Winery.
Lunch for the whole group at HordóCsárda Restaurant or at Hotel Flamingo close to the pier.

The other part of the group (60 pax) travel also by Dotto to Benedictine Abbey, for inside visit. Short free time and then riding with busses to Balatonfüred for: 

Wine tasting at Figula Winery with 5 kind of wines with salty biscuits (it takes about 45 minutes).
Lunch for the whole group at HordóCsárda Restaurant or at Hotel Flamingo close to the pier.

Transfer back to Budapest

B. Whole day excursion to Lake Balatoncombined with visit of Herend and bath program at Héviz

Balaton is also called the Hungarian Sea, located about 90 kms (56 miles) from Budapest. With its 591 square kilometers (about 231 sqare miles) it is one of the largest lakes in Europe and certainly the largest in Central Europe. It is a favorite summer or weekend resort for the Hungarians, but during the summer months vacationers are found from just about any European country. The lake is surrounded by a number of villages, all of them resorts, the most well-known on the north side are Balatonfüred and Tihany and on the south side Siófok. The north side of the Lake Balaton is also one of the major wine growing areas in Hungary, the slopes with the vineyards, facing the south provide the sun and the warmth needed for the grapes to ripen.

Programme is whole day long, from 9 am through 7 pm, including Herend, Tihany peninsula and Lake Héviz. Tihany peninsula stretching far into the Balaton can be seen from a considerable distance. The village lies on a prominent point. the peninsula itself is joined to the hilly region by marshy meadows. Now it is a national park and first natural conservation zone in Hungary. Tihany owes its appeal to its natural endowments. The basalt tuff covering the hills was formed from volcanic dust, from the rubble of volcanoes that erupted in the Tihany area. The first written mention of Tihany dates from 1055 when King Andrew founded a Benedictine abbey here. The king himself was buried in the crypt in 1060. A fortress was built around the abbey and it bacame an important border castle in the wars against the Turks.

After a 30 minute drive you arrive at Herend, the site of the world famous china manufactory. Visiting the Porcelanium a visitor complex that offers unique unforgettable hours. First a short film traces the triumphant course that is made the Herend Porcelain famous. Then comes the Mini-Manufactory where the film come alive. Across the attractive courtyard is the Herend Porcelain Museum, a treasure trove of priceless porcelain pieces. After the masterpieces of old visitors can see the present day range at the Victoria Herend Shop. The soft music of the friendly Apicius Coffee House makes a good culmination to this busy day. Coffe break here.

Lunch at „Udvarház restaurant” between Herend and Héviz…

The last stop will be at Héviz – bath program at famous Lake Héviz
Your ride back to Budapest takes app. 2 hrs.

C. Dragon boat competition at Lake Balaton

Starting place from the beach of Ramada hotel.
The boots are suitable for 16 people: 16 rowers, 1 steersman and 1 drummer.
We can offer for your group 4 boats at the same time to organize a true competition incl. all requisites are beaded, welcome Molino, medallions and cups, speaker, organizers, using of life jacket, drinks and snacks…
Lifeboat with three lifeguards is provided.


We are happy to send you our detailed and tailor made offer for your group on request!

Simply contact László Pásztor at

Margaret Island


Harvest time

Harvest time

Lake Balaton


Abbey Tihany


Lake Balaton with Tihany Abbey

Herend Porcelain

Dragon boat