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Themed Gala Events in Iceland

May 2014

Iceland is first and foremost known for its extraordinary natural beauty, literally active nature and action adventure activities. It is less known for impressive and memorable gala events but that has changed in recent years.

We offer gala events which are based on our ever-lively nature, such as Fire-Ice, Northern Lights, Solstice, or Winter Wonderland.  Other popular themes are related to our rich history as a nation, such as a Viking theme.   

Here are a few examples of our gala events:


Fire Ice

Where would a Fire-Ice theme be more appropriate than in Iceland, with its glaciers and volcanoes? This is our most popular theme, and can be offered in many different locations and for different group sizes, all depending on budget.


Viking Theme

Our history as a nation only dates back to the 9th century, but its rich with Viking tales and sagas. Icelanders are proud of their heritage and have kept the Vikingtraditions alive through time. Our Viking-themed events are lively, fun, and sometimes a little rowdy.


Solstice – In the middle of nature

Iceland enjoys a unique location in the northern hemisphere, where the Northern Lights dance in the sky during winter and the white nights reign in summer. It is ideal to enjoy the midnight sun in the middle of nature, with a themed event in open-air.
Where else can you dance the night away in broad daylight at midnight?


For a full list of ideas for gala events in Iceland, please contact us at

Fire Ice Gala

Fire Ice Gala Ice Cocktail Area

Fire Ice Gala Dinner

Viking Theme

Viking Village Venue

Northern Lights Gala

Northern Light Gala Green

Solstice Gala in Open Air

Solstice at midnight