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Atlantik is a well-established Destination Management Company in Iceland and a market leader in handling shore excursions for cruise ships. Atlantik is an independent family-owned and managed company with an ambitious hard working team aiming for perfection. Our team experts place great emphasis on offering innovative and creative programmes, with ?local secrets? and hard-to-find locations, while ensuring the highest possible service level at all times. Our business strategy is based on a commitment to quality and value for money.


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When your client asks for the impossible, you can still deliver in style!

January 2004

?Please suggest a destination that is not too far away, or within a 3 to 5 hours flying time, well connected with major airports in Europe and the USA. Make sure that the proposed destination has the right infrastructure as well as excellent first class restaurants with top cuisine. I need a hotel that fits the demands of my group in terms of quality and service. I need a destination that can offer unique and exciting experiences and activities and delivers reliable DMC services. We must feel welcome and safe and I do not want a place where everybody within my group has been many times before!?

It sounds like a real challenge to find a destination that meets the criteria of this demanding client, but for every problem there is an answer... The right answer can be REYKJAVIK, ICELAND!

Iceland is not only a destination for the summer season. On this beautiful island incentives are operated 12 months a year. Last year, the largest incentive project for local EUROMIC partner Atlantik was organized in January 2003, when approximately 600 pax enjoyed an action packed program.

The weather in Iceland is much warmer than you would expect and many people for example compare it to the weather in the UK. It is perhaps not exactly correct to do that, but due to the warm Gulf Stream the climate in Iceland is in fact much warmer than the name of the country suggests!

The months of March, April, May, June, September and October are the most popular incentive months.

In the summer tourists travel to Iceland to enjoy the spectacular nature and landscape with its contrasts of volcanoes, glaciers, lava fields, mountains and waterfalls mixed with green fields or beaches covered with black volcanic sand. During other parts of the year incentive groups come to play and participate in exciting activities, in the pure and unpolluted nature of this north-Atlantic island. What about snowmobiles or a super 4x4 with huge tires driving on glaciers? Or it could be whale watching, hiking, climbing or simply enjoying the natural beauty of the country! There is no better place to enjoy well-managed activities that fit the interest and need for adventure of the group as well as meet their criteria.

The people in Iceland are warm and friendly and the nightlife is full of exciting action as well offering many interesting venues and places to visit within a short walking distance from each other.

In December 2003, the 30th SITE International Conference took place at the new Nordica hotel in Iceland. The Nordica hotel was opened in April of last year and is today an excellent choice for demanding incentive groups.
Due to the geographical location of Iceland the month of December can only offer daylight for 4 to 5 hours. But in spite of the time and location the conference was a success, both in terms of content and organization.

It was proved once more that Iceland could be fun even in December, when it is least expected, and that the Icelandic travel industry can pull together as needed to make things just right for their guests. As a member of the host committee, we at Atlantik are looking forward to new challenging projects that have already been confirmed following the visit of 300 SITE travel professionals that participated in the Iceland Conference... and we hope to see you here in Reykjavik soon!

When the client asks for the impossible, sometimes the obvious answer is not the first one we think of... Think of Iceland!

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