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Inside a glacier cap in Iceland!

February 2015

Inside a glacier cap in Iceland Icelanders have certainly learned how to enjoy the many glaciers we have here in Iceland. We have mastered glacier walking, glacier hiking, snowmobile adventures, Super Truck safaris, but coming this spring, we will be able to offer adventures INTO the glacier.

After five years of study, planning, engineering and careful designing, a man-made glacier cave is now "under construction", to open in Langjökull glacier in May of this year.

The ice cave will be in total about 800 m long, with spaces of different sizes ideal for different sizes of groups.

The cave offers various experiences for groups, and opens up endless possibilities of creating unique events inside the clear blue ice at the heart of the ice cap.

The cave is located close to the summit of the mighty glacier Langjökull, some 150 km from Reykjavík.

A full-day journey can be offered with various ways of transport, i.e. with coaches from Reykjavík, followed with a monstrous 8 wheel glacier truck which brings you to the ice cave, with super trucks from Reykjavík all the way to the ice cave, or if you are in a hurry, a helicopter ride from Reykjavík straight to the cave!

If you are looking for a unique venue to hold a cocktail party, deliver a motivational speech, or simply to impress your group, this ice cave is an ideal venue to offer.


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