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Atlantik is a well-established Destination Management Company in Iceland and a market leader in handling shore excursions for cruise ships. Atlantik is an independent family-owned and managed company with an ambitious hard working team aiming for perfection. Our team experts place great emphasis on offering innovative and creative programmes, with “local secrets” and hard-to-find locations, while ensuring the highest possible service level at all times. Our business strategy is based on a commitment to quality and value for money.


Atlantik, DMC
Action in Iceland!

March 2006

Day 1  Arrival transfer with the Blue Lagoon

At Keflavik international airport the guide meets the group outside the customs area. 
From there we go straight to the Blue Lagoon in its otherwordly lava surroundings and stop there for approx. 1 hour for a unique spa experience, enjoying the luxurious comfort of the warm lagoon water.  A special “Blue Lagoon” cocktail will be served during the bath by waiters/waitresses in old fashion swimming suits, a great way to get into the group spirit at the beginning of the trip.
Blue Lagoon has added new spa features to the geothermal spa. Waterfall, steam bath, sauna and an area designed for in-water Blue Lagoon spa massage and treatments are among the new additions. Applying white Silica mud on face and body is for many an essential part of the Blue Lagoon experience. The silica has now been placed in especially designed wooden boxes placed by the lagoon creating an easy access to this natural ingredient.
Continuation to Reykjavik, check into the hotel

Dinner at Restaurant Kaffi Reykjavik
Kaffi Reykjavík  is situated in one of the oldest houses in Reykjavik and has just reopened after extensive renovations.  Their emphasis is on the traditional cuisine using the fresh and fine raw materials Iceland has to offer, prepared in a very innovative and aestetic way.

Right in the heart of the restaurant is the Ice Bar. The interior is kept at below zero temperature -5°C all year round.  Most of the interior fittings are made of pure, clear ice from the glaciers of Iceland.  Certainly a different experience!! 

Suggestion is for the group to walk from Radisson SAS 1919 to Kaffi Reykjavík (3 min walk) and start with the meeting and then to get everybody into the right gear, finish the meeting by inviting everybody to the icebar for a cocktail - and then sit down for dinner.

After dinner, the group will have the opportunity to check on a few bars in downtown Reykjavík.  Thursday nights the bars are open until 01:00 am.  Fridays and Saturdays they stay open as long as there is business……

Day 2  Super Jeep Safari

The Golden Circle with Quad bike tour at Haukadalur
This day will invigorate all group members, and leave an unforgettable memory in their minds!  During the day, the guests will experience serious off-road driving in the snow-covered areas, see spouting geysers, thundering waterfalls, and to top it all, enjoy an exciting quad bike ride.
Morning departure to Þingvellir National Park, a remarkable geological phenomena and the most important historical site in Iceland. Thingvellir, situated by the biggest lake in Iceland called Þingvallavatn, is the site of the world’s oldest democratic parliament founded in the year 930. The beautiful canyon running through the park is actually the meeting point of two of the earth’s tectonic plates. Onwards to Lyngdalsheiði heath where - at this time of year - snow is usually in abundance, a challenge our Super Jeep drivers thrive on. The Super Jeeps work their way through the snow, with their monster tires (44\') until they reach the end of the heath at Laugarvatn lake. Onwards to the Geysir hot spring area and into the Haukadalsskogur woodland.  There we will mount our quad bikes for a one-hour ride. (price quoted separately) Overalls and helmets are provided. After a thrilling ride, the group has probably worked up an appetite for a hearty lunch, which can be enjoyed at either Geysir restaurant or Gullfoss café. After lunch, the group will discover the famous Geysir which has given its name to hot springs all over the world. You will see one of the most active geysers in the area, Strokkur,  spouting up to 30 meters. Just a 15 min away is one of the most impressive waterfall in Europe, Gullfoss (Golden Waterfall).  Here you will see thousands of tons of icy water thunder majestically down in a double-fall into a deep gorge, surely a powerful sight.  We return to Reykjavík at approx 18:00 or 19:00, just in time to prepare for dinner.

Quad bikes (ATV) in Haukadalsskógur
A great way to reach the hilltops and to cross creeks! The bikes are located at Haukadalsskógur woodland. We receive safety instructions from the professional guide before mounting the bikes, and on we go! Our trail lead us through rivers (remember to put your feet up!!) onwards and upwards to the hillsides where mountain views that include Iceland’s most famous volcano “Hekla” and the country’s second largest glacier “Langjökull” await. 

Dinner at Cafe Oliver restaurant/bar/club
Cafe Oliver is Reykjavík\'s hottest spot at the moment. It serves as a cafe/bistro/restaurant/bar/club and is open from 8 am to late night during the week, and into the early morning hours during the weekends. Oliver is on two floors; ground floor has a dance floor and a large bar whilst the 2nd floor opens to an outdoor patio. Cafe Oliver offers great Mediterranean menu - and is bound to be busy any night of the week. DJs usually Wednesdays - Saturdays.

Day 3  Super Truck Safari

Thorsmörk valley
A Super Truck is a specially transformed coach - especially equipped to cross unbridged rivers and conquer off road conditions. It is an absolute necessity on a tour such as this. They some how manage to do this whilst also being able to offer the discerning traveller a degree of comfort!
Morning departure with our super truck (seating up to 23 pax), heading for Þórsmörk valley, a beautiful nature reserve situated between three glaciers. The valley of Thórsmörk, the realm of the Thunder God Thor, is considered one of the pearls of the Icelandic nature.  In the shelter of three glaciers, a most glorious oasis has been formed. This magnificent valley is only accessible by jeeps, due to the glacial rivers we have to pass and cross to get there. On the way we will try out the black sands if conditions allow and stop at a glacial lagoon. When we arrive in Þórsmörk we will start by enjoying a delicious BBQ lunch before doing some hiking into Stakkholtsgjá fissure to find out about a surprise at the end of this fissure!! Return from Thórsmörk late afternoon.
To spice the day further, optional activities can be  set up, such as  GPS tracking (see below), horse back riding, etc.

Treasure hunting with Global Positioning Satellite System can be great fun.
We take the treasure (beer, snacks, candy or what ever you desire) and hide it (i.e. in the snow) and position the treasure in the GPS device. Each group then receives a GPS-device and heads out to find the treasure hidden for them. The first group to find the treasure is the group of champs and might be rewarded!
Upon returning, the group has a choice between going straight back to Reykjavík, or enjoy dinner at many of the seaside restaurants on the south coast.

Restaurant Sjávarkjallarinn (Seafood cellar)
The seafood cellar, located in the oldest cellar in Reykjavik, is one of the city\'s newest and most exciting restaurants. It is already known for its inventive cooking and cheeky presentation. The main emphasis is on fusion cooking where international culinary trends are made to meet each other and the outcome is adventurous to say the least.
Fish in all different variations is at the forefront of the menu but just as appetizing are the lamb and vegetarian options that are available. Top quality in food, facilities and services and fusion at its very best!!

Day 4  Departure Transfer to Keflavík Airport

Departure approx 2,5 hrs prior to the departing flight. A 40 minute drive from your hotel in Reykjavík to Keflavik airport (The Leifur Eiriksson International Airport). Airport shops include the Duty Free Store (Cosmetics, alcohol, confectionery, tobacco, technology and multimedia products), Islandia (Icelandic souvenirs, woollens, handcrafted goods, food etc), Optical Studio (for prescription and non-prescription glasses), Duty Free Sport (a collection of sport goods labels), Leonard (watches and jewellery), Saga Boutique (fashion labels such as Boss, Sand, Lloyds, etc).

For details, please contact Gunnar Rafn Birgisson:

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon


Hotel 1919




Super Truck

Seafood Cellar