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Atlantik is a well-established Destination Management Company in Iceland and a market leader in handling shore excursions for cruise ships. Atlantik is an independent family-owned and managed company with an ambitious hard working team aiming for perfection. Our team experts place great emphasis on offering innovative and creative programmes, with “local secrets” and hard-to-find locations, while ensuring the highest possible service level at all times. Our business strategy is based on a commitment to quality and value for money.


Atlantik, DMC
If money matters, then NOW is the right time to visit Iceland!

June 2006

The best things in life are either absolutely free or do not come cheap at all.... Iceland as a destination has been offering great value for money, but now the value is even greater!


If cost is a concern, then today is the right moment in time to make the dream come through and visit Iceland



Due to market fluctuations within the Icelandic economy the rate of exchange has improved a great deal recently, giving visitors yet another reason to visit our beautiful country.  If your budget did not really allow you to consider Iceland as a destination, you should reconsider and actually make it happen. After having a very strong local currency, the Icelandic Krona for a while, now the exchange rates for the ISK against many foreign currencies, amongst them USD, EUR and GBP has dropped significantly in a very short period making Iceland an even better value for money for visitors coming from abroad.



Now is the time to experience the magical powers of the nature of Iceland!  With its mountains, glaciers, volcanoes and lava fields, the nature of Iceland is a perfect playground, where you can walk hand in hand with nature in a pollution free and safe environment.  If you are in for action and activities, why not get your kicks from white water river rafting, or jump on board a super 4x4 and cross that same glacial river in a 4x4.  Then continue on a snowmobile to the top of a glacier, or enjoy whale watching with the midnight sun as your background stage.  The wildlife is not only to be enjoyed during the day...  enjoy the great restaurant scene and clubs that can be found in Reykjavik and don’t forget to bring your “mojo” because later in the evening you can dance towards the midnight sun during summer or under the northern lights in winter...

Now you can make it happen and we at Atlantik are here to help you!

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