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For Spa and Wellness...

January 2008

For Spa and Wellness – Iceland is the place!

Iceland has long been known to provide the perfect playground for action, adventure and challenge.  However, one of Iceland’s best kept secrets is the fact that it offers equally fantastic opportunities for wellness. 

Reykjavík and the surrounding communities’ offer 15 different outdoor geothermal swimming pools for all-year round enjoyment.  You might think that it was a chilling experience to go swimming in the depth of winter in an outdoor pool, but the pools are kept at an average temperature of 29°C (84°F) all year round.  If that’s not warm enough, all the swimming pools also offer a number of so-called hot pots, each kept at different temperature ranging from 37-44°C (98-115°F).  

The most popular addition to the thermal baths and pools in Iceland are the steam baths.  By pumping thermal water at high pressure through nozzles with hair-fine holes, steam saturated with minute droplets of water is created. This heat is remarkably comfortable without being sweltry.

One of the world’s major experts in the field of spa treatments and medicine, Dr. István Fluck from Hungary, who has often visited Iceland, has said that the entire country itself is one big SPA.  As a result, the health of Icelanders is among the best in the world, and the average life expectancy is very high, 76,2 years for men and 80.6 for women.  Our guess is that you would like to offer a glimpse of this to your loyal clients and outstanding employees!

SPA, SPA everywhere

All the outdoor swimming pools are run by the communities, but there are an increasing number of joint-ventures with the private sector or fully privately owned SPA opening up in Reykjavík and surroundings.  The best known SPA in Iceland is the Blue Lagoon, known around the world for its beneficial effects created by the natural minerals and algae. Now the Blue Lagoon is opening in Reykjavík a joint fitness and SPA with Hreyfing, a well-known fitness center. All treatments are based on the unique active Blue Lagoon ingredients. Among the all-new features at the new center is a float-tank relaxation (a 50 minute treatment said to be equal to 8 hours’ sleep).

A short distance away, is the Nordica SPA, in Hilton Nordica Reykjavík Hotel.  A small and cosy SPA which offers a range of treatments, as well as fully equipped fitness rooms. Just down the road is the Grand SPA, which opened its doors this winter in Grand Hótel Reykjavík. All three SPA’s are located in the vicinity of Reykjavík’s recreational area in Laugardalur Valley, in the middle of the city.   Closer to the city centre is Mecca SPA, located in Radisson SAS Saga Hotel, offering jacuzzis with sea water, steam room, and fully equipped fitness rooms.

Action and relaxation

The ideal long weekend for an incentive group is to enjoy Iceland’s wild nature and exciting activities, followed by a heavenly day at one of Iceland’s SPAs.
Could it get any better?

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Nordica Spa

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