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New hotels on the horizon in Iceland

May 2002

From Reykjavík, capital of Iceland and the world’s hottest cool destination, we are excited to announce the opening of a range of new hotels in the summer of 2002 and 2003. This will not only enable us to welcome more visitors in our country but also offer a higher level of accommodation, combined with the spectacular nature of Iceland, with its moonlike lava fields, geysers and glaciers!

Check out the sample itinerary we put together for a unique taste of what Iceland has to offer!


Fist of all, we are very pleased with the opening of the boutique hotel “101 Hotel” with 40 rooms in all, including 5 suites. The hotel will also feature a bar lounge as well as a restaurant bringing a fusion of modern Icelandic and international cuisine.
The ground floor of the hotel will house a state of the art meeting room and a fully equipped business center, allowing guests and locals alike to use the very best up to date technical facilities.
Standard room amenities include a variety of comfort enhancing items such as a CD player with a selection of CD’s in all rooms, a disposable camera, umbrella, sewing kit, bathrobe, t-shirts and caps as well as an in-room library of books, a well stocked mini bar and excellent room service, just to name a few. All rooms also dispose of a first aid kit and an intimacy kit, as well as a diskette and wireless PC in-house hook-up system for the entire property.

Furthermore, during spring 2003, the Icelandair Hotel “Esja” opens an enlarged and renovated hotel with 285 rooms, modern in design and well furnished, 40 Junior Suites, a Presidential Suite and a panorama room on the top floor with a spectacular view over the city of Reykjavík.
The hotel offers 1.990 m² of conference and banquette facilities, conference rooms for up to 600 people, 500 m² of pre-function/exhibition space, 10 meeting rooms, an exclusive first class health club and even more. The new Hotel Esja is to be one of the best hotels in Reykjavík, graded with 4* plus. The main purpose of the renovation is offering better services to incentives, conference delegates and other travelers.


Day 1:

Arrival via the Blue Lagoon

Arrival at Keflavik international airport, where you and your group are welcomed by our guide.
Departure from the airport straight to the Blue Lagoon with its otherworldly lava surroundings, for the swim of your lifetime, enjoying for approximately 1 hour the luxurious comfort of the warm lagoon water.
Waiters and waitresses in old fashioned swimming suits offer a special “Blue Lagoon” cocktail to your guests during their bath, a great way to get into the group spirit at the beginning of the trip.
Onwards to Reykjavik and check into the hotel.

Dinner at restaurant Naust
Restaurant “Naust” is the oldest restaurant in Reykjavík and a long time favorite of the locals, featuring a good atmosphere, fine food and excellent service.
It is a traditional Icelandic place, very convenient for groups of all sizes, offering seating for over 300 people on 3 different floors.

Day 2:

The Golden Circle & White-River Rafting

Morning departure to Þingvellir National Park, a remarkable geological site and the most historic site on the island.
At Þingvellir, situated at the Þingvallavatn lake, which is the biggest lake in Iceland, the world’s oldest democratic parliament was founded in 930 AD.
The beautiful canyon running through the park is actually the place where two of the earth’s tectonic plates meet. The area’s combination of natural phenomena and historical significance makes it inseparable from the fabric of Icelandic national life.
Onwards to the Geysir hot spring area where lunch is served at a local restaurant, before discovering the famous Geysir which has given its name to hot springs all over the world. You will see one of the most active geysers in the area, Strokkur, spouting up to 30 meters.
From the Geysir we continue our trip to one of the most impressive waterfalls in Europe, Gullfoss (Golden Waterfall), where you can watch thousands of tons of icy water thunder majestically down in a double-fall into a deep gorge, surely a very powerful sight.
On we go to our next stop, the glacial river Hvítá, where all is ready for a rafting tour down the river. All necessary equipment like floating overalls, designed to keep people afloat and warm, will be provided. However, it is recommended to wear wool or synthetic clothing and you are asked to bring spare clothing as well as a towel (just in case).
The river rafting tour starts at Veiðistaðir, a place approximately 2 km above the Brúarhlaðir canyon, close to the Geysir area, and ends at Drumboddsstaðir. The tour takes about 3 hours. The canyon is narrow and spectacular. Further down the river slows down and flows into a beautiful canyon where we will see columnar basalt lava on the one hand and birch trees on the other.
On we go to the small seaside village of Stokkseyri, located on the south coast of Iceland, where we get a warm bonfire welcome before entering the restaurant “Við Fjöruborðið” (By the Seaside), set in the home of the so-called “beitning” (a method of preparing fishing lines) and of the local rescue team.
You will surely enjoy their specialty, Stokkseyri lobster, cooked in butter and garlic and served on a whole platter with bread and a specially made sauce. After dinner a bus will be waiting outside the restaurant to take us back to our hotel.

Day 3:

Super Jeep safari – Langjökull glacier
We start our Jeep Safari with a spectacular drive in special equipped super 4x4 vehicles along the shores of Hvalfjörður, with its magical landscape, to the farming district of Borgarfjörður, the historical site of the Egils Saga.
Onwards to the powerful Deildartunguhver, one of the most spectacular hot springs in the world, followed by a visit to the beautiful waterfalls of Hraunfossar and Barnafoss.
Then we go off road, up to an elevation of more than 900 meters above sea level, to the Langgjökull glacier, where snow scooters will be waiting for us.
All participants are provided with warm overalls, helmets, gloves and boots (if needed). After a magnificent ride through the world of ice, we can enjoy a splendid seafood buffet at the top of the glacier. Return late afternoon to Reykjavík, driving over the highland track of Kaldidalur, set between 3 glaciers.

Dinner at restaurant “Perlan”
The “Perlan” Restaurant (The Pearl) is one of the most exquisite restaurants in Iceland with a highly unusual architecture. The “Pearl” indeed rests on six huge storage tanks, each able to hold 4 million liters of geothermal heated water. The restaurant is on the top floor, which slowly rotates, providing its guests with a breathtaking panoramic view of Reykjavík.

The restaurant is first class, very elegant and dressy, perfectly fit for a gala dinner.
The restaurant itself seats a maximum of 350 to 400 persons. Cafeteria on the fourth floor.

Day 4:

Whale Watching from Húsavík
We invite you for an early morning flight across Iceland combined with a last track by coach towards Húsavík village with its harbor, where we sail off to the west across the bay to the magnificent Kinn mountains, which rise majestically more than 1.000 meters above sea level.
From the start, passengers receive information about the various species to be seen during the trip. Excitement soon grips both crew and passengers on the look-out for whales \"blowing\" or lifting their tails. No two trips are ever the same and consequently there is always a feeling of great excitement and anticipation. Mink whales are seen on virtually every excursion, with some spectacular sightings over the past couple of years. On one occasion there were no fewer than fifteen minks around the boat - some almost within touching distance - lying on their sides, popping up and generally taking an interest in the enthralled whale watchers on board! Among the larger whales, Humpbacks are the most common, but species such as Sei Whales, Fin Whales and even the mighty Blue Whales have also been spotted. White beaked dolphins and harbor porpoises are also common in the area.
Return to Reykjavík in the late afternoon.

Dinner on Viðey island
The group is picked up at their hotel and driven to the harbor where a small ferry awaits them for the transfer to the island. Viðey is one of the most famous Icelandic historical sites through the ages. While it is mentioned in written accounts from the 12th century, extensive archaeological investigations on the island in recent years have revealed evidence of settlement as early as the 10th century. The tables at Viðeyjarstofa restaurant still bow beneath the weight of sumptuous food, just as they did 200 years ago. In addition to that, the view from the restaurant adds extra spice to a delightful meal.

Day 5:

For European flights: early morning coach-transfer to the International Airport in Keflavík
For USA flights: afternoon transfer to the International Airport. For travelers leaving Iceland in the afternoon a City Sightseeing with free time to shop would be ideal.

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