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Atlantik is a well-established Destination Management Company in Iceland and a market leader in handling shore excursions for cruise ships. Atlantik is an independent family-owned and managed company with an ambitious hard working team aiming for perfection. Our team experts place great emphasis on offering innovative and creative programmes, with ?local secrets? and hard-to-find locations, while ensuring the highest possible service level at all times. Our business strategy is based on a commitment to quality and value for money.


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Iceland is a destination growing in popularity thanks to the support of EUROMIC!

March 2003

It was at the EUROMIC Workshop in Brussels in February 2002 that our representative met with Master Events in Belgium. Following their meeting, we got the opportunity to participate and organize together with them the largest incentive project to take place in our destination for a single client. Atlantik is proud to have successfully organized this event with approximately 1,000 persons that came for a visit in January of this year for a two days & one night program. The creativity and ingenuity of the people behind Master Events together with our professional team here in Iceland created a trip to be remembered by everyone participating in the trip. And we are still expecting more people to come from Brussels at the beginning of April for the same experience.

We are very proud to have been the selected Destination Management Company for this project in Iceland. Personally, as the managing director, I am extremely proud of my team at Atlantik, which is able to confront ?the impossible? and change it into interesting challenges and exciting opportunities!

Reykjavik is an ideal place to visit for every month of the year!

For many people in the MICE industry, an incentive in Iceland in January is not the first idea that comes to their mind. But Iceland and our capital Reykjavik is becoming a really popular destination for all 12 months of the year.

During this same week in January, when we operated this large project for Master Events from Belgium, we also handled two other groups from the UK and the Netherlands. It was a challenge but based on our client feedback everyone went back home with pleasant memories and with the idea of coming back to Iceland soon.

A short description of the program

During the operation, groups of 150 ? 200 pax were flying in every day and staying for one night in a hotel in Reykjavik.
From the time the charter from Brussels landed, the guests were out for an adventure. The first stop was at a lighthouse near the airport and then continuing to the famous Blue Lagoon for a refreshing bath and cocktail.

After lunch at the Blue Lagoon the participants continued for a meeting in Reykjavik, while their spouses were able to enjoy some more of Reykjavik and check out the latest bargains in the shops. That same evening the group had a dinner together at the oldest restaurant in the city center.

The following day, 40-50 specially equipped super 4x4 were waiting outside the hotel after an early wake up. The 4x4 were ready to take the guests for a unique experience into the highlands and mountains of Iceland. The tour was a combination of adventure and nature, where the guests were able to experience the pure cool winter in Iceland as well as play in the snow and take on the forces of nature within the safety and comfort of those highly sophisticated 4x4 vehicles.

The 4x4 are equipped with huge oversized tires, GPS satellite systems and communication systems that make it possible to enter the Icelandic winter wonderland!
Lunch was served at a restaurant with a fantastic view on spouting geysers and bubbling hot springs, followed by a visit to one of our most spectacular waterfalls.

At the end of the day the 4x4 drove directly from the countryside back to the International Airport in Keflavik for a return flight back home.

Think out of the box! ? Come to Iceland!

Iceland is only about 3 hours flying from most European cities; from the US it takes only 5 to 6 hours to get to Iceland from NYC and other cities at the US east coast. Iceland is both exciting and exotic, but at the same time it remains a peaceful destination.

Iceland has the right infrastructure in place with new 4 star hotels opening up, excellent restaurants with marvelous cuisine, beautiful nature, an interesting nightlife and tailor made activities and tours to fit anyone?s taste for adventure and excitement.

Atlantik Tours, DMC is ready to welcome you!

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