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Atlantik is a well-established Destination Management Company in Iceland and a market leader in handling shore excursions for cruise ships. Atlantik is an independent family-owned and managed company with an ambitious hard working team aiming for perfection. Our team experts place great emphasis on offering innovative and creative programmes, with “local secrets” and hard-to-find locations, while ensuring the highest possible service level at all times. Our business strategy is based on a commitment to quality and value for money.


A truly exclusive adventure in Iceland...

December 2009

A great opportunity for incentive groups opens up when Icelandair will start in June 2010 their non-stop flights between Brussels and Reykjavík. The following is a sample program which gives you an idea of the program your group could enjoy in Iceland. The program is based on 50 pax for 3 nights in June 2010. This program is only one of many ideas, and we would be delighted to send you more ideas for your groups.

Hotel Suggestion

The Radisson SAS 1919 Hotel is a boutique 4 star hotel located in Reykjavik’s historical “Eimskip” house, the contemporary design is modern but still features some of the buildings original elements such as the green marble tiles and the extravagant 5 storey staircase that runs through the center of the house. Built for office use in the year 1919 but converted to a hotel in 2005. The Radisson SAS 1919 Hotel is centrally located in the heart of the city center and lies within walking distance of the financial, commercial, shopping and restaurant districts of Reykjavik.



Midnight arrival in Iceland – and a welcome drink under the midnight sun!
The group is met upon arrival by their guide at Keflavik international airport. The distance to Reykjavík is approx 55 km, a 40 min drive from Keflavik airport to your hotel in Reykjavik. On the way we’ll surprise the group with a short refreshment stop.

We greet your group with f.ex. a glass of champagne and canapés, a shot of local schnapps and traditional delicacies to taste or a smoking volcano cocktail with spicy nibbles. A beautifully decorated table and women dressed in the Icelandic national costume perfect the setting.

Midnight Welcome Moment



Self Drive adventure in Super 38¨tire 4X4s

A new kind of activity in Iceland has been created by offering for the fist time guided self drive tours in Super 4X4s. Available are new Landrover Defenders 110 with the new 2,4 L EU4 Diesel engine and 6-speed manual transmission. These Defenders, capable to traverse extremes of terrain, have been further modified and provided with big 38\" tires, ideal for driving on glaciers and snow as well as matching with every tough highland trail Iceland has to offer. Under the slogan \"Your adventure - Your way\" the modified Landrover Defenders are rented out to groups with one professional driver guide on an extra super jeep escorting up to every four rented vehicles. All vehicles are equipped with VHF radio to ensure a smooth and safe intercommunication between the members of the group as well as with a GPS device containing a precise map of Iceland.

Self Drive to the Golden Circle on adventurous tracks

You board your own Super Jeep driving with the leading vehicle east out of town heading on the pipeline trail to Lake Thingvallavatn. We visit the National Park Thingvellir, where you can eyewitness the continental plates drifting apart, the only UNESCO‘s cultural world-heritage site in Iceland. From there we take the challenging trail behind the picturesque shield volcano Skjaldbreid, and after a two hours´ drive on tough tracks and even some river crossings on Haukadalsheiði we visit the breathtaking waterfall Gullfoss and the famous Geysir area.  Further up north lies the majestic Langjökull glacier, where we will go for a fantastic snowmobile ride.
Snowmobiles are great fun and easy to operate.  Our snowmobiles are two seated touring sledges with hand warmer and high windshield. All participants are provided with all necessary gear like, warm overalls, helmets, boots, and cloves. You can choice between dual or single ride.

Still on the glacier, we will enjoy an open-air seafood buffet.
Enjoying a fresh seafood buffet on the glacier can be a wonderful and unforgettable experience.  Our glacier experts carve out a serving table and benches in the snow, providing an impressive setting for a wonderful lunch.  In case of bad weather, the buffet can be served in the glacier hut at the edge of the glacier.

On our way back to Reykjavik we head onto the hidden Thousand Water Way – your final challenge driving the Super Jeeps on unpaved tracks with numerous river crossings. In the early evening we arrive back to Reykjavík after an adventurous day.

Late Dinner at The famous Seafood Cellar Restaurant
The Seafood Cellar is situated in the oldest cellar in Reykjavík, known for its innovative fusion cooking and creative presentation.  Here, visitors enjoy Asian-influenced Icelandic fusion cuisine in a casual but sophisticated environment. The main emphasis is on fusion cooking where international culinary trends are made to meet each other and the outcome is adventurous to say the least; fish in all different variations is at the forefront of the menu but just as appetizing are the lamb and vegetarian options.

Exploring the Reykjavik nightlife: VIP Partying
We provide you with a personal VIP guide who will take you along through the club scene in Reykjavik and help you get to know the locals. Your Friend will meet you downtown Reykjavik, get you VIP entrance into the hottest clubs, help you \"break the ice\" with the locals and show you the good times to be had in the “Cool” capital.



A different super 4X4 adventure on Iceland’s South Coast

Nowhere but in Iceland will you find vehicles like those we use for our travels today. Crafted for uniquely tough conditions, even a term to describe them had to be invented. “Supertrucks” are the result of decades of insular technical innovation and evolution, from tinkering with old army Jeeps to get further up hill, to our hand-built monsters equally at home crossing Antarctica, the wild Icelandic Highlands – or the highway. Each vehicle is custom built with up to three separate transmissions, two separate steering systems, fully in-cab adjustable four corner air suspension, fully lockable differentials, up to 7.3 liter turbocharged engines, an array of radio equipment, marine-type satellite navigation... Oh, and the biggest available road legal tires in the world.
A Supertruck is only ever piloted by a trained professional (usually the owner) who knows not only the extreme limits of his/her machine, but that the full might of that megabuck truck is applicable only with care and intimate knowledge of the sensitive Icelandic sub-Arctic Nature.

The South Coast of Iceland with a ride on Quad bikes and a glacier hike at the Sólheimajökull glacier
We start this day by following the south coast route to Sólheimajökull Glacier.
Just outside of Reykjavík, we stop at Mt. Hellisheiði, where we’ll mount on quad bikes.
Experiencing the nature on this rough mountain riding through lava fields, passing by areas were the steam rises up from the earth. The tour goes into the mountains to the Valley of Josepsdalur. This rough terrain is perfect for adventurous rides, where our skilled guides lead your way. A valid driver’s license is required for the driver of the bike, none required for the passenger. No pre-knowledge of this sport is required. Protective gear, boots, gloves, helmets and balaclavas are provided.

We’ll take a little detour to the coastline, where we’ll find a charming house with Iceland’s most famous lobster restaurant, Við Fjöruborðið.
The Seashore Restaurant in the village of Stokkseyri is an enchanted place of delight. People have to tear themselves away from it – but that’s all right.  There’s only positive magic inside, tickling both stomach and soul.

After lunch we’ll drive on and pass Seljalandsfoss Waterfall and a bit further along the coast, driving under the famous Eyjafjöll to the waterfall Skógafoss , that tumbles over high rock escarpments. Once at the glacier we gear up for the incredible glacial hike. The view from the glacier on a clear day is unforgettable.
This trip takes you to the frozen glacial tongue that is Sólheimajökull. It is an otherworldly scene, a rugged, raw and ever changing hub of ancient frozen water. Walk on the glacier and observe the spectacular surroundings. We will provide you with all the tools you need: ice axes, crampons and safety lines.

As we drive back to Reykjavik we will stop at the beautiful Skógafoss waterfall. On this trip you get to see and do what most of the population will only dream about and very few ever try.  Again on with the jeeps we head to the black beach facing the Atlantic Ocean where we can try out the super jeeps and have a black sand jeep safari.
A private Dinner at Viðeyjarstofa – located on an island just off the coast of Reykjavík
Restaurant Viðey is located in a renovated house on a small island, just a 5 min ferry-ride from the city of Reykjavík. Viðey is one of the best known Icelandic historical sites through the ages. The building itself is a work of art and the restaurant’s décor included works of art by Icelandic masters as well as other treasures.



Departure transfer with the Blue Lagoon
The group is picked up at their hotel and driven straight to the Blue Lagoon, in its otherworldly lava surroundings. The group awaits a spa experience of a lifetime, enjoying the luxurious comfort of the warm lagoon water. A special “Blue Lagoon” cocktail will be served during the bath by waiters/waitresses, a great way to salute Iceland, hopefully after a fulfilling stay.
Applying white Silica mud on face and body is for many an essential part of the Blue Lagoon experience. The silica has is made available in especially designed wooden boxes placed by the lagoon creating an easy access to this natural ingredient.
Lunch at the Lava Restaurant at the Blue Lagoon
Lava Restaurant is a new restaurant built into the lava surroundings. The restaurant offers an a la cart menu and is as well a perfect choice for events and seats as many as 300 guests and accommodates as many as 550 guests during stand-up receptions.
A glass staircase leads people to the Bar and Lounge area on the second floor. The roof of the restaurant is a viewing platform with a beautiful view of the lagoon and the surrounding area. A natural lava wall within the restaurant adds to its uniqueness.

Refreshed and invigorated passengers are then taken to the Keflavík international airport for the departure flight.

The ballpark price per person for the above program is only ISK 217,000, or € 1180 at today’s exchange rate (Dec 09). Included is the above program, with all listed meals, and beverages with meals.

Atlantik DMC prides itself with the highest possible level of service, during the quotation process, as well as during the operation of the groups. Atlantik appoints a project manager for each project, who in turn is present or accessible throughout the operation, unless otherwise noted.

For more information, please contact Mr. Gunnar Rafn Birgisson at

The Radisson 1919 Hotel

Welcome Moment

Self Drive 4X4


The Seafood Cellar

Super Jeeps South Coast

Quad bikes

Lobster at Fjorubordid Restaurant

Restaurant Viðey

Blue Lagoon