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Iceland as usual...

May 2010

The volcanic eruption which started in Iceland on 14 April affected air travelers more than it affected majority of people living in Iceland. While air traffic was taken to a halt for several days in mainland Europe, airports remained open in Iceland.  Here life went on as usual, and Icelanders remained quite calm about the eruption.  There are however Icelandic farmers living in the immediate vicinity of the volcano which were seriously affected by ash which now covers their farmlands, but the damage is limited to a relatively small geographical area. Collective efforts to clear the ashes from the farmlands around the volcano and their neighboring areas are already in place, with a large number of volunteers helping out.

Other areas of Iceland have not been affected, and the inhabitants of the capital city of Reykjavík have seen no sign of ash or any effects from this eruption.  There is in fact a great interest among the Icelanders in the eruption, and many have travelled to the area of the volcano to view its greatness and come nearer to the pure power of nature.  Among those who have visited Eyjafjallajökull glacier are Atlantik, DMC employees, who wanted to see for themselves the magnificent forces of nature that we Icelanders admire and respect so much.  Volcanoes and glaciers have ruled our environment since the first settlers came to live in Iceland in the 9th century.  Since then we have learned to live in peace with and respect the forces of nature.


An overview of the early days of the eruption:

This eruption was in fact expected by geologists because of prior history of this volcano, and the area has been closely monitored for seismic activities for years.  Therefore, all public safety authorities had their emergency plans in place prior to this eruption.  A formal Civil Protection Management Team was immediately activated, monitoring the eruption, overseeing all actions and movements of people, and ensuring public safety. 

On April 15, European Air Traffic Control authorities closed all airports in the North European region, due to volcanic ashes which had risen to flight altitudes.   The direction of high altitude winds had carried the ashes in south and south-easterly directions, away from Iceland and towards N-Europe.  Air traffic was at the same time allowed to and from Iceland, at Keflavík International Airport

Although the Keflavik International Airport was temporarily closed a few days later, other international airports in Iceland remained open.  The two Icelandic airlines, Icelandair and Iceland Express operated their flights from Akureyri and Egilsstaðir international airports.  Passengers travelling to and from Iceland were at the time not blocked from flying, only inconvenienced. 

The length of the eruption can not be determined.  It might continue for years or it could stop tomorrow.  In the meantime it may from time to time inconvenience air travelers with ash in the air, however the power of the eruption has slowly reduced since 19 April, and the nature of the eruption has shifted from mostly ash-spewing to lava-flowing with some ash clouds.  The glacier has melted around three craters, and lava is currently flowing towards a glacier tongue which reaches the direction of the nature reserve of Thorsmörk (valley of Thor). The volcano roars loudly as it emits the lava – a sound which is amazing to the human ear.  Magnificent footages have been captured by TV crews of the clash of two great powers, ice and fire, which Iceland is so famous for.


Iceland today:

In short, it seems that Iceland has become the ‘hottest’ destination in Europe, with an unforgettable power of nature, magnificent to see, hear and experience.
We encourage people to use this unique opportunity to bring groups to Iceland, where they can experience a once-in-a-lifetime moment, at a safe distance, guided by experienced specialists who are born and raised on this volcanic island.

If ever there was an opportunity to recharge the batteries and energize your employees or clients with the forces of nature in Iceland – the time is now. The experience will leave a lasting impression and an unforgettable memory.


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Ash clouds over south Iceland

Glacier tongue overcome by lava 10pm at night

Gigjökull glacier tongue melts

Admiring the force of mother nature

Myrdalsjokull with a layer of ash

Glacier rivers are no obstacles for Atlantik staff

Rough roads are no problem