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June 2015

It’s been a month now since the devastating earthquake of April 25 that shook Nepal to its core. With over 8000 dead and many more injured, this is the worst natural disaster to hit this idyllic country in the last few generations.

Bordering towns in India were also damaged and lives lost, but nothing to compare with what happened in Nepal.

Nepal is a country close to our hearts. Our two countries are deeply intertwined by customs, language and history. We truly share in the pain they are going through.

April 25 shook Nepal like it had never been shaken before. The fatal earthquake of the day and the numerous strong aftershocks has truly changed the way people will live there forever. Many lives have been lost, many more injured, and countless made homeless. Add to that the loss of their cultural and historical heritage that had seen centuries go by. This is a county that has been changed forever in a span of minutes.

At this stage travel to Nepal other than for humanitarian reasons has come to a trickle. This is something that we need to work on reversing as soon as we possibly can.

The Nepalese economy is greatly dependent on tourism to survive. It is a huge employer across the country. It generates much needed foreign exchange for this landlocked nation. This earthquake has created a tremendous paradigm shift for the country but perhaps also opportunities for major up gradation to infrastructure and the quality of lives for future generations.

This is the assessment from our own office in Nepal and various other neutral sources.

The people of Nepal are born with a will to overcome adversity. The Kathmandu Valley is already alive, kicking and striving to thrive again. Although tours may not operate right away, we do expect to get back to operations by August.

All the international and domestic airports, highways and subways are in operation with zero damage.

90% of Kathmandu is functioning and most of the hotels have got their security & safety certificates and are up and running. Most of the hotels and resorts located in the Kathmandu valley are already in normal operation leaving few like Club Himalaya (scheduled to open on 15th  of June.) and Fort resort of Nagarkot. The Everest Hotel will take some more time to reopen. Pokhara & Chitwan remained unaffected by the earthquake.
Dhulikhel Mountain Resort and the Dwarikas property in Dhulikhel are both fine and operational. However in Nagarkot, the Club Himalaya have closed till end of June as they wish to do a proper survey of their property before declaring it open and other properties like The Fort and smaller ones are damaged and we are waiting for an update from them.

The 3 durbar squares - Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur have all been damaged to a certain extent (Patan and Bhaktapur have been cleared of the rubble but they have not opened for tourists as yet). Kathmandu Durbar Square will take a while longer to be cleared. Boudhnath and Pashupatinath are fine, however Swayambhunath especially the area around the Stupa has been damaged. Hanuman Dhoka Palace is severely destroyed where as there is no effects on the Kumari House (where the only living goddess lives).

  • Narayanhiti Palace Museum:
    Minor damage but building is standing strong. Currently closed for public but may open soon.
  • Boudhanath Stupa:
    Not much affected by the earthquake just the outer layer is scratched and pinnacle on the top of the stupa is slightly moved and other small size stupa is damaged. It is open to public.
  • Patan Durbar Square:
    The rubble has been cleared however, not open to tourists as of now.
  • Kathmandu Durbar Square:
    Most affected tourist spot with majority of the temples either caved in or partially damaged. Entry is restricted, will be open for tourists soon.
  • Swayambhunath:
    The area around the Stupa has been damaged.
  • Pashupatinath:
    Is open to tourists; only few temples residing next to main structure got some structural damage.
  • Bhaktapur:
    There is no impact in the tallest temple of (5 storied temple) and 55 windows palace.

Patan, Kathmandu & Swayambhunath to be opened on June 15, 2015. No date for Bhaktapur specified as yet, but expected to be opened by end of June

Pokhara & Chitwan:
Pokhara & Chitwan remained unaffected by the earthquake; all the hotels and resorts there are fully operational.

Everest & Annapurna: The hotels on the Everest Trekking Routes are being structurally checked by the international team and once the check is satisfactory they will be certified for further trekking. In the Annapurna region the lodges are fine and so is the trekking.

Manang and Langtang: They are still a no for trekking. However, there is Lukla, where clients seeking adventure can safely trek up to Namche or Syangboche as well. Lukla is the airport which is the gateway to the Everest Trek and is about a 35 minute flight from Kathmandu.

Nepal is still safe!

  • Out of the 75 districts of Nepal, only 8 are affected
  • Out of the 10 National Parks, only 1 is affected
  • All the highways and subways are in operation with zero damage
  • Out of 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, only 2 have around 40% damage
  • 90% hotels in the Kathmandu Valley are safe and in operational conditions.
  • 100% of the hotels in popular destinations like Pokhara, Chitwan, Lumbini, Bardiya, Ilam, Annapurna Region, Everest Region etc. are safe and in full operation.
  • Out of 35 popular trekking routes, only 2 are affected
  • All the international and national airports are in operation with zero damage
  • Communication (internet, phone calls, ATMs, swipe machines) is working well.
  • Hospitals and clinics are safe and in operation. No viral diseases or influenza.

We know Nepal is a small product on the global market. It is easily replaced by many other destinations in the region. For us as an Indian company, we have many options to offer. But that is not the way we would wish to go.

This is perhaps an opportunity for the global tourism industry to show how it can actually make a difference. It is an opportunity to stand by a destination in their time of need. We still have to assess how long the recovery process will take, but we do see the tourism industry bouncing back to its feet. We would expect given the resilience of the Nepalese people, this will be fast. But we would like to appeal to our friends in the global travel industry and in the media who get our updates to stand by our Nepalese friends in this time of need. They need your support.

When the dust starts to settle, this little country will need all the expertise, ideas and help it can get to recreate its tourism industry. Yes, they will have international aid agencies there to give money and academic reports. But what they will really need is hard core practical advice from the global tourism industry's thought leaders. They will need ideas, brains, and guidance. There are physical things that will take time to repair, but we will have to help them with short term strategies to help get them back on their feet.

Creative Travel will plan to send in a team to assess the situation in a few weeks once they are ready to have us

We have received many calls from partners and friends asking us how they can contribute now. We do not know the answer to that either. There are many hands on the ground at the moment and many charities across the world working ion relief efforts.

If it is money you wish to donate, please pick any organisation you trust to get the funds to the right hands. We will decide our next steps as a company once we get an indication from our Nepal office on what they would like to do. Please bear with us until then. We hope to constructively participate in the recovery and rebuilding process in whatever small way we can.


For more information, please contact Mr Rajeev Kohli at

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Nepal Earthquake

Nepal Earthquake


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