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39 years of excellence, over 53 international and national awards and a network all over the Indian sub-continent - all this makes Creative Travel among the finest DMCs in the region covering all of India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Tibet and Maldives and is today India's largest independent and family owned destination management company. We have been recognised by the World Travel Awards as India’s Leading Luxury Travel Agency, Asia’s and India's Leading Destination Management Company. Our specialist incentives team is also the region's most awarded with 6 prestigious ‘SITE Crystal Awards' in their portfolio.

This region is a special place for travellers and our vast experience in handling clients from all over the world allows us to create the most memorable programmes for you. Our excellent relationships across the subcontinent with hotels and others who make up this labyrinth of a destination allows us to get priority when others are just others. What we offer is reputation for our integrity, our creativity, our attention to detail and ability to customise every journey to perfection. Our core team gives us the ability to place our own people on every project rather than using outside staff. Our continual process of HR skill development ensures our team members are always vibrant in their thought processes. All you need to do is call us, and tap the expertise of our multilingual colleagues to create your greatest event.

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From the Windows of a Train...

July 2012

When you think of India, you tend to think of our forts and palaces, our tigers and rolling hills, our cuisine and fashion. India is a large country, a small continent in some ways. Trying to experience all our unique sites in a short time can be a challenge. But now there is a very unique and elegant way of seeing more – on a train.

India has seen the emergence of some of the most acclaimed luxury train journeys in the world. From the historical Palace on Wheels to the latest top of the line Maharaja Express, there are five great rail journeys across the country that allow the visitor to experience India at high levels of luxury.

These trains also make great options for incentives and small corporate board meetings. Buying out an entire departure allows an enormous amount of flexibility and unique opportunities in programming. It’s like having your own private hotel for your group.

The advantage of train travel is that you get to see more cities, experience more things without having to pack and unpack. Some of these trains also have meeting facilities where you can organise board meetings for upto 35 guests in great comfort.

Accommodations on the trains are also very plush, with each cabin having its own private facilities. On board dining takes you back to the olden times of the great rail journeys of the world.  There is also an enormous amount of modernity, with on board internet, live television, quality suspension for a smooth ride, communication facilities and more.

Our favourite of the trains is the “Maharaja Express” which has been on the rails for just about two years. Stretching almost half a mile long, the Maharaja Express has 43 cabins that can take upto 88 passengers. The base category of 20 deluxe cabins has an average size of 112 sq. ft. , followed by 22 suites and the magnificent 448 sq.ft presidential suite, the largest on any train in the world. The train has two dining cars where silver service meals are served. There are also two bar/lounge cars where the day's experiences can be relived.

The published journeys on the Maharaja Express range from short three night trips to longer seven night journeys. We are able to buy space on scheduled trips for groups, but we also have the option of buying out the entire train and adding our own unique twists to this wonderful trip. The train option can also work out to be more cost effective when compared to a traditional hotel based program.

The mix between on board and off board time allows for enough quality time for meetings if needed. If more extravagant activities are required, that is where Creative Travel’s award winning incentives team brings in its skills to enhance the glamour of the train with some breath-taking experiences across the route.

Other trains in India include the fabled Palace on Wheels and its newer counterpart, the Royal Rajasthan on Wheels, both operating in Rajasthan,the Deccan Odyssey in Western India that includes Goa and the famed temple caves of Aurangabad, and the Golden Chariot that crosses South India to include Mysore and Kerala. There are options to fit every interest and budget.

Trains have always fascinated us right from our childhood. Why not move away from the conventional hotels and cruise ships and offer your client something different. Offer them a way to experience India like the Royals used to.


About Creative Travel:
Established in 1977, Creative Travel covers all of India and is today considered to be India’s largest independent, family owned Destination Management Company. This independence gives us strengths & advantages that set us apart from our more corporatized competitors.

We have been named “India’s leading Destination Management Company” by the World Travel Awards. We have been named “India Best Agency” by TTG twice. We have won the National Tourism Award 14 times. We have won 4 SITE Crystal Awards. We have been awarded a PATA Gold Award. Just a few of our 35 rewards & recognitions that have been a result of the passion in the people who work for us.


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Maharaja Express

Maharaja Express

Maharaja Express - Bedroom

Maharaja Express - Dining

Maharaja Express - Twin Room

Maharaja Express - Breakfast