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The Island of the Gods Celebrate New Year with a Unique Day of Silence!

March 2015

Can you imagine an entire island populated by more than 4 million people completely deserted with airport closed, no TV and Radio, no working allowed, no electricity being used and nobody on the street for a full 24 hours?
Just come to Bali on March 2015 for the celebration of New Year Çaka 1937!

The day before New Year, a great celebration is held on the street with various rituals and ceremonies meant to attract the evil spirits collectively known as Bhuta Kala. Giant puppets made of bamboo, papier-mâché, and cloth ranging from any kind of evil spirit like epic monsters to the most popular football player like Cristiano Ronaldo are carried on the shoulders by the villagers of the different areas towards the city of Denpasar for a carnival – like contest parade.

Attracted by all the noise and the offerings, the Bhuta Kala will come in mass to join the party, getting drunk in the process. When waking up the next morning, they will find themselves on a completely silent and deserted island – nobody is allowed to leave the house, the use of electricity and fire are not permitted even the airport is completely close on this day.

Indeed, being this panorama very disappointing, the Bhuta Kala will leave not to return until next year, so if you are one of those who have decided to leave the island as soon as the airport re-open, be very careful of who is sitting next to you…

We would really suggest you to stay and enjoy the unique experience of hearing the bird singing, given the absolute lack of noise on the island and watching the billion star skies above you, given the total darkness.

A day of total relaxation, no hand phone, no computer, no TV, bottom line is a priceless day that you cannot have anywhere else.
We look forward seeing you in Bali!

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Bhuta Kala - Melasti to the Beach

Bhuta Kala - Ogoh Ogoh

Tranquil New Year