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Another unique experience awaits your clients in Bali...

July 2015

After the renovation of Pura Taman Ayun, one of Bali?s royal temples, it is now possible to have exclusive use of this venue for an unforgettable night.

In this occasion, we are proud to introduce you Rajalaya, a unique and traditional dinner of Bali?s royal families.

More than 300 people in traditional costume will welcome and entertain your guests at this magic venue.

Arriving at the venue, the guests will be seated in front of the temple and the unforgettable evening is about to begin. A grand Balinese orchestra called Baleganjur will open the parade followed by lines of boys carrying torches, Balinese umbrellas and ladies with fruit and flower arrangements carried on the head called Gebogan.

This spectacular show will last for about 30 minutes and after, the guests will be escorted to enter the cocktail venue, welcomed by the Balinese girls to enjoy aperitifs while the Kecak Dance is performing.

A sound of tek ? tekan (wooden bell) will be heard as a sign to enter the Madya Mandala, the dining venue. The traditional stage in the Madya Mandala is ideal for your speech and award delivery given to the majestic background of the temple, either before or after the dinner.

A sound of instruments is once again heard as the sign for the appetizer to be served. Lines of Balinese girls will come from backstage carrying elaborately prepared plates directly to each of the guest's tables, while on the stage, a classic welcome dance performance begin.

The instruments are once again played, accompanying the Balinese girls serving the main courses to the tables. Two dances will be performed during the main course to ensure both entertainment and knowledge of the local tradition. Pampering the eyes by seeing spectacular performances, hearing the greatness of the local melody, smelling and tasting the finest dishes as how the royals used to will be an unforgettable experience for your guests.

After dessert accompanied by Barong Dance performance, the night ends with a Lantern Release as a symbol of releasing the misfortune and a welcome to new success and a great future.

The venue is suitable for groups from 50 ? 500 persons.

We look forward entertaining you and your guests the royal way!

Taman Ayun

Gala Dinner with stunning background

Baleganjur Orchestra

Ladies in traditional costume carrying Gebogan

Kecak Dance performance during Cocktail

Lantern Release