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Exclusive MICE heaven in Indonesia!

February 2016

As soon as you set foot on this naturally ravishing unpopulated island, you can feel like living in your imaginary wonderful land.

Moyo Island is a located in eastern of Bali and north of Sumbawa, the larger neighbor island in Nusa Tenggara archipelago, mounted by turquoise waters and scintillating coral garden of the Flores Sea.
Being a nature and marine reserve, this sun exposed island offers a land and offshore impressive attractions with the perfect configuration of lush jungle, tropical savannah and white sandy beaches with pristine clear water, the paradise for snorkeler and diver.
The remote area naturally inhabited by indigenous people and animals make it as a perfect hideaway from the crowded touristic destinations.
A glamour camping accommodation available here is Amanwana belongs to luxurious Aman Group properties, the only resort in the island.
The island can be reached by flight from Bali to Sumbawa Island flies two times per week on every Wednesday and Saturday, then continue by boat transfer from Sumbawa to Moyo Island.

This luxurious yet unique property provides options of stay in ocean or jungle view in total of 20 tents with the luxe wood-walled with the touch of local art. Free Wi-Fi, polished living areas and en-suite bathrooms are the plus. The tents are also designed with picture windows, pitched canvas ceilings and hardwood decks.
To get a closer encounter with the nature, they set an open-air restaurant specializing in locally caught seafood and a natural treatment in the spa on the tranquil beachfront.

The best time to come to this island is between December to March, with the monsoon months of February and March when the weather is more humid in rainy season and particularly wet and green. It is also prime time for spotting manta rays, whale sharks and other migrating sea life.

With the covering area of around 350 square kilometers, you can easily reach the key spots just by walking distance; meanwhile for islands hopping local or classy boats are available.

Highlight spots on land not to be missed are enchanting waterfalls, adventurous limestone caves and pristine jungles. Queen Waterfall or local people called it Mata Jitu is one of the favorites. As you walk down through the steeps, you will probably hear the story of local guide cherishing a piece of memory of the late Lady Diana visit here.

Forest trekking will be so much exciting for wildlife spotting and catching a priceless pictures of endemic animal include deer, macaque monkeys, boar, wild ox, butterflies, with some of the rarest bird species on earth like megapode, brahminy kite, yellow-crested cockatoo and more than twenty kinds of bats.

Meanwhile for offshore, a world-class snorkeling and diving, sailing, wind surfing and fishing are with no doubt a must. Tanjung Pasir and Ai Manis, two beaches that are widely told by world divers for their captivating and iridescent underwater world as well as their scenic, quiet and relaxing shores, have to be enlisted in your itinerary.

Sounds too good to be true?

Moyo Island

Luxurious Tent of Amanwana

Pristine Ocean

Coral Reef

Queen Waterfall

Yellow-crested Cockatoo