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Passage to Java!

August 2016

Welcome to Indonesia, the largest archipelago and richest cultural diversity!

Jogjakarta, the hub of classical Javanese fine arts and culture will be your first gate in this archipelago. 

Entitled as “The Special Region in Central Java” - the impressive remains of mighty kingdoms and center of Hindu-Buddhist Empire, Jogjakarta once served as the capital of the Indonesian Republic in 1946 - 1948. Until today, the Sultanate of Jogjakarta is still influential in government.

From the moment you meet our guide upon arrival at the airport, you will immediately feel the spirit of Java while enjoying the sights and sounds of the city during the ride to the hotel.

Amanjiwo – the only Aman Group luxurious property in Java Island will be your home during this journey.
Comprising of 36 suites, the resort’s stately rooms are the ideal fit for small incentive groups.  The largest Buddhist monument can be seen through from the steep driveway, one of the exceptions that make Amanjiwo as a grandeur site to contemplate the mystical 1,300-year-old architecture.

Welcoming the Sun at the Majestic Borobudur Temple 
This is an enlightening journey to the imposing temple and surroundings.
Start early in the morning and depart to this UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Once you got there, pick a spot, prepare your camera, and get ready to welcome the first light rising on earth over the horizon. Enjoy the serene and spiritual atmosphere that seems to have coated every rock as the sun steadily rises bringing all its greatness among the hills and forests surrounding.

Add some flashes to your knowledge by a ‘short lecture’ given by an anthropologist from a local university describing how every panel illustrates the Buddhist cosmology and how Buddhism arrived in the land of Java. This is all done while taking a stroll circling the square and contemplating the deep and strong dedication that was essential in creating this masterpiece.

Ride a “dokar” - a horse carriage for having breakfast in Manohara Borobudur.
Visit also Candi Mendut, a smaller Buddhist temple just 3km from Borobudur and then continue to explore a village nearby the temple and try different kinds of activities.
Observe local home industries of making ‘jamu’ - the Javanese traditional herbal medicine -  bamboo carving, and sweet potato chips production.
Learn how to play ‘gamelan’ the traditional Javanese musical instrument. Join in a traditional dancing class and learn some simple steps of the krubosiswo dance.

Prambanan – A Glorious Heritage
Spend another day in Jogjakarta to learn batik, the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. Visit the Museum Batik and join in a short workshop to learn how to draw a batik motif and try to make a piece of your own. It will be a great souvenir!
After that, continue with your ‘must do’ agenda, visiting the icon of the city: the magnificent 9th century Hindu Temple Prambanan. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a large compound consisting of 240 temples with 3 big main temples dedicated to the three gods of Hindu.
As you are flashing back in history, leaning about the construction and the purpose of this temple with an expert, you will also hear the tale of Roro Jonggrang, another name given for this temple which means a slender virgin. A legend developed by local people of how this temple was made in one magic and myth night. 

Complete the day by savoring traditional cuisine in the Sekar Kedaton restaurant in Kotagede, a luxurious touch of royal Javanese majesty.

Back in your hotel, as dinner is being served, you will be able to relish the graciousness of Javanese ballet performance. It is an opulent visualization of the epic Ramayana saga by combining traditional Javanese dance, drama and music. A memorable night before the next day flying out to your upcoming destination...


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Borobudur - Central Java - Indonesia


Sunrise at the Borobudur Temple

Horse Cart tour in Borobudur nearby

Mendut Temple

Batik painting

Prambanan Aerial View

Prambanan Temple

Gudeg, Central Java Signature Cuisine

Ramayana Ballet Performance