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History, religion but mainly Fun!

December 2015

Daycoval Bank Brazil reveals Israel’s history and religion but mainly as a fun destination.

Participants: 270
Occurrence: September 2015
Duration: 7 Nights – 3 nights in Tel Aviv and 4 nights in Jerusalem

Daycoval Bank, a leading Brazilian Bank, chose Israel for their Annual Incentive tour for the Bank employees and major clients.
The aim was to reward them with a magical tour that will be remembered for a very long time.
The RFP was to show the destination in a relaxed easy going way; for the group to have fun but also to visit historical and religious sites; and also time for shopping, which the Brazilians love. The group greatly enjoyed their stay.
The group was in Israel for 7 nights and was full of activities:

  • Self-cycling down the Tel Aviv Promenade along the Mediterranean seashore.
  • Beach activities in Herzliya – 20 km. north of Tel Aviv – including: surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking and beach games. The private area was closed off by flags of Daycoval Bank.
  • Touring all over the country with special entrances to museums and ceremonies in Caesarea, Haifa and Acre.
  • Visit of the Old City of Jerusalem including the Western Wall and the Via Dolorosa.
  • Mud Festival at the Dead Sea – the lowest spot on earth. The private area was closed off by flags of Daycoval Bank.
  • Receptions and Dining in unique private venues:
    • The Mamilla Hotel area (under a Monastery).
    • The Tower of David Museum including private screening of the Sound and Light show with the Daycoval Bank logo projected throughout the event on the Old City Walls.
    • Farewell dinner at the Havarim Canyon, under Masada. An open air event with the participants dressed in Galbias and Kafias – long white robes and scarves on their heads. The group entered the site in complete darkness and walked to the event with the famous Nabucco opera chorus of the Hebrew Slaves playing in the background. When the desert lights were turned on – the group enjoyed dinner sitting around tables and a modern age disco party.



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Gala Award Ceremony at Tower of David

Night Life in Tel Aviv

Making a Wish at the Western Wall

Massada Fortress at the Dead Sea

Farewell dinner in the desert