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July 2017

Eilat is situated at the southernmost part of Israel. It guarantees sunshine for 360 days a year. It is especially recommended to visit between October and March, when the weather is perfect for taking a break from the cold in other destinations. Average temperature during these months are between 18-22 C, and 65-72 degrees F.

Here are the best 10 things that you must do when visiting:
1. Swim with the dolphins
2. Visit Petra on a day tour
3. Explore the underwater Marine world
4. Dive in the Red Sea
5. Visit Timna Park: home of the world's first copper mine 
6. Relax on the Eilat beach in winter when it is freezing cold in other destinations
7. Go Shopping: Eilat is a tax free zone and all prices are cheaper by 17% (VAT)
8. Hike in the mountains: nature is all around. From inside the city, it is difficult to miss the towering mountains that surround Eilat
9. Try a new water sport: Windsurfing, kitesurfing, water skiing, stand-up paddle boarding, parasailing…
10. Bird watch: Eilat is on the migration path of the birds. The Eilat Bird Sanctuary is one of the world’s most renowned bird watching sites

How to get there – now – more and more flights are available directly to Ovda (Eilat).
Ovda Airport is located around 45 minutes North of Eilat and served by a regular airport shuttle.

Flights to Ovda Eilat from Europe
(Flights to Ovda Airport include Ryanair who only operate flights to Eilat and not Tel Aviv)

• Brussels – Ryanair (begins October 2017)
• Helsinki – Finnair
• Paris – Transavia
• Baden-Baden – Ryanair (begins October 2017)
• Berlin – Ryanair (begins October 2017)
• Bremen – Ryanair (begins October 2017)
• Dusseldof-Weeze – Ryanair (begins October 2017)
• Frankfurt-Hahn – Ryanair (begins October 2017)
• Budapest – Ryanair
• Milan – Ryanair (begins October 2017)
• Kaunas – Ryanair
• Krakow – Ryanair
• Warsaw – Wizz Air, Ryanair (begins October 2017)
• Gdansk – Ryanair (begins October 2017)
• Poznan – Ryanair (begins October 2017)
• Bratislava – Ryanair
• Stockholm – SAS (begins October 2017)
United Kingdom
• London – Monarch

The sun is waiting for you!


For more information please contact Mr Amnon Ben David at

Eilat City

Eilat, where the sun takes its winter vacation

Swim with dolphins

Underwater marina

Water sport