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Wine in Israel!

January 2018

Israel, a desert country, has an emerging wine scene that makes it a truly special destination. Wineries can be found in abundance throughout the country.

The lush, green north, moderate climate of the central hills regions, and the sandy deserts of the south create 3 distinct climate zones, giving a characteristic flavor to the wine grapes grown in that region.

Starting in the north is the famous Golan Heights Winery, which produces wines marketed under the names Yarden, Gamla, Mount Hermon, and Golan.
In 2011, Vinitaly awarded Golan Heights Winery the Grand Gold Medal for Yarden Chardonnay Odem 2009 and Yarden Heights Wine 2008.
With over 30 varieties of wine, this winery is definitely worth a visit!

In the centre of the country, just outside of Jerusalem, Barkan Winery can be found.
More awards have been won by Barkan than any other winery in Israel!
Sample the Assemblage Series wines, which features wines made from grapes grown in a specific region in Israel.
The Eitan wine combines Syrah, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes to create a taste distinctly characteristic of the Judean Mountains where they are grown.
Every wine tells a story.

Neot Smadar is the southernmost winery in Israel and in the entire northern hemisphere! This kibbutz winery is the only winery in the entire Middle Eastern region to produce organic wines!
The wines from Neot Smadar all contain just a hint of sweetness, due to the desert sun. This unique flavour can only be found in wines produced in the exact conditions found at Neot Smadar, so be sure to visit during your travels in Israel.

In addition to these three incredible wineries, Israel is home to over 400 boutique wineries and breweries, making it a true wine lover is paradise!

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Old City of Jerusalem with a glimpse into the New City

Golan Heights Winery

Barkan Winery