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Sicily & Taormina...

February 2016

Sicily, the Island of Sun, is a land unto itself, proudly different from the rest of Italy in its customs and traditions. The largest of the Mediterranean island, it is separated from Italy by the 2& 1/2 mile Strait of Messina.
Its land still bears the symbols of the many invasions suffered during the centuries: Greek and Roman Heritage, Moorish style palaces architecture, Byzantine churches, and baroque palaces of bearing Spanish influence.
Here, life is slower, tradition is respected, and the myths and legends of the past aren’t yet forgotten.

Sicily has a deep archaeological heritage and is full of sensual sights and experiences: vineyards and fragrant citrus groves, horses with plumes and bells pulling gaily painting carts, masses of blooming almond and cherry trees in February, Greek temples, ancient theatres, complex city architecture, and aromatic wines.

Taormina, “A piece of paradise on earth”, that was what Taormina resembled to one of its most famous visitors, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, who visited the town in 1787.
Nowadays Taormina is still a Mediterranean mosaic of architecture (with its arabesques, gothic-Catalan mansions and baroque fountains), landscapes, cuisine, ethnic groups and colours:  the black of the rock, the red of the lava from Etna volcano, the blue and emerald green of the sea that laps the shores from Giardini Naxos to Letojanni, passing under Taormina’s watchful eye towards the astounding beauty of the Isola Bella and Mazzarò.

Access: Catania Fontanarossa airport, approx. 45 minutes’ drive to Taormina.



  • Hotel San Domenico Palace -*****L
    Taormina uptown - 102 rooms and suites located in two different wings.
    2 Michelin stars restaurant Principe Cerami.


Tours & Activities:

  • Taormina, the amazing Greek theatre, Palazzo Corvara
  • Catania, the fish market & Sicilian cooking school to learn how to prepare the typical  “cannolo”
  • Lava & Wine on the Etna Volcano by 4x4 jeeps to admire the 7 craters on Mount Sartorius (at 1800 metres), the Grotta dei Ladroni lava cavern”, created by the magma during an ancient eruption, to be driven through a lava flow dating 1979. Wine tasting at an Alpine Refuge or at one of the excellent wineries of the area.
  • Alcantara Valley National Park by 4x4 jeep to explore the natural trail of "Gurne dell'Alcantara", with its beautiful lakes and waterfalls and the track between hazel groves, vineyards and lava flows.
  • The Godfather Path by Vintage Fiat 500 to the villages of Forza D’Agrò and Savoca, where Francis Ford Coppola shoot the movies “The Godfather II” & “The Godfather III”.  The Godfather Scene will be recreated at Bar Vitelli by typical “Picciotti” and the Godfather appears to play some the movie scene.
  • Syracuse & the “Pupi Theatre and Museum”, the imposing Greek and Roman archeological site, the old town Ortigia, and the  Sicilian Marionette theater “Opera dei Pupi”  inscribed in 2008 in  the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists
  • Sailing Regatta to discover the unique unspoiled Eolian islands, the Acese Coast and the natural marine park of Cyclops Islands.
  • Scuba Diving thousands of shrimps, orange astroides corals, secluded bays, hidden caves, rainbow fishes that come to eat directly from your hands!  

…. And in the evening, cozy restaurants for any taste, private estates, amazing castles, beautiful villas for memorable gala events and themed parties, such as Sicilian street festival,  The Godfather night, The Gattopardo masked ball, Italian movie night and much more ….


Gastaldi: Your way to Sicily is our way!


For more information or ideas, please contact Mr. Michele Cerruti and/or Mrs. Teresa Cardinali at 


Sicily Map



Grand Hotel Timeo

Hotel San Domenico Palace

Villa Sant Andrea

Taormina Greek Theatre

Catania Fish Market

Cannolo Siciliano


Alcantra Vally National Park

Vintage FIAT 500


Eolian Islands