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Gastaldi Global Travel is one of most renowned Italian Destination Management Companies and a landmark in the MICE industry for creativity, experience and quality of service. Founded in 1990, Gastaldi Global Travel belongs to Gastaldi Holding, which in 2010 celebrated its 150th anniversary.

Based in Rome with offices in Genova and more recently in Milan, we specialize in high end meeting and incentive travel, special interest tours and VIP individual programs throughout Italy. Thanks to our consolidated experience and thorough knowledge of Italian destinations and logistics, we are able to create and manage many types of unique programs while remaining focused on the best and most innovative solutions for all events with full respect of client’s budget.

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Gastaldi Global Travel Srl
Countdown to the 150th Anniversary Celebrations...

June 2010

1860 was a remarkable year of great historical significance for Italy and its Genoese entrepreneurial class. Exactly 150 years ago Gastaldi was established as a Shipping Agency, founded by GianBattista Gastaldi.  In 1904 the Company was taken over by Alessandro Cerruti and has since remained in the safe hands of the Cerruti family.
Its 150-year history has made this Holding Company a leading all-Italian group providing excellence in various sectors: shipping and air transport, incoming and outgoing tourism, meeting and incentives, real estate, finance and insurance, as well as port terminal and Logistics services.

There are numerous interesting events in the history of Gastaldi as it became a quality Genoese brand worldwide.

The founding of Lloyd Sabaudo by Alessandro Cerruti and his partners at the beginning of the 20th century heralded the modern era in ocean liners with scheduled services to North and South America, including the Conte Verde, Conte Biancamano, and Conte Rosso to name a few.  Among the distinguished Italians in this adventure was Guglielmo Marconi, whose transfer of shares is preserved in historical documentation.  As the company passed from one generation of the Cerruti family to the next, it expanded and diversified its business beyond just shipping routes.

After WW2, the Gastaldi Insurance Division was appointed agent of Corporation of Lloyd’s, the British institution of unrivalled fame. This mandate was based on trust and is still in place today, together with Claims Agency mandates from over 500 foreign Insurance Companies.

The Cerruti family also made their mark in the Banking sector by setting up Banco dei Fratelli Cerruti in 1869, which was merged into Banca Commerciale Italiana in 1968, after almost 100 years in business.

On the mainland, the Real Estate segment was also being developed. In early 1900 Gastaldi worked with Architect Gino Coppedè in the creation of unique urban areas throughout the country featuring both residential and commercial buildings. In a “Renaissance-like” relationship, the Cerruti family supported and funded many of this famous Architect’s works, which also included the interior design for ocean liners and furnishings.  The result was a truly eccentric architecture which embraced various forms of art from Pompeii-style décor to Art Nouveau charm.

The Cerruti family’s entrepreneurial drive also led to an iron and steel company in Sestri Ponente and membership in the Cartiera Italiana paper mill in Turin.

Years of leadership and international contacts in the transport and shipping sector led Gastaldi to finally enter the Civil Aviation market in Italy during the 1950s. It was the era of LAILinee Aeree Italiane, which was later merged into Alitalia. Gastaldi signed prestigious contracts as a General Sales Agent for historic companies such as TWA, Canadian Pacific, Varig, Qantas, South African Airways, Viasa and many others.

The Travel business began with an idea by Filippo Cerruti – one of Alessandro’s four grandchildren – who pioneered the creation of tour operations activity in Italy by setting up Gastaldi Tours. The division’s success was carried out by Remo Tedeschi during over 50 years of business. At the end of the Millennium the company merged with Kuoni, and became wholly-owned by the Swiss company in late 2001.

Today, Gastaldi Tourism Division – under the direction of Filippo’s son Michele Cerruti – controls and manages several major companies that successfully get travelers, businessmen, and corporate staff on the move through its various International offices.

The Group’s latest venture, Gastaldi 1860, is a Milan-based Tour Operator handling holiday packages and tours for Italians to North and South America, with special attention to tailor-made holidays. Its French sister company, the Paris-based tour operator Jet Set Voyages, has been specialized in tours to the Americas for more than 20 years.

Gastaldi USA has been operating in New York for over 25 years under the guidance of Tony Cerruti. The company acts as an incoming Tour Operator for many European agencies for individuals, groups, and incentives.
Gastaldi Global Travel, headquartered in Rome, is one of the most well respected Italian DMCs (Destination Management Companies). It provides International companies –mainly Americans – tailor-made, five-star incentive programs in Italy for groups as small as 10 to as large as over 1500 people.
In the field of corporate services, genoa-based Congresship plans meetings, congresses, conventions and other events for Italian firms.

All tourism operations focus on providing the best experience to guests, with great attention to tailor-made services prepared by team of dedicated and valuable professionals trained and grown within the company.

This wide range of activities allows Gastaldi Travel & Tourism business to look to the future of diversified custom travel operations.

The strength of the Gastaldi Group, continually demonstrated throughout its history, lies in its ability to “play in advance,” expand into different activities and, where necessary, form important partnerships and joint ventures with various global players. Gastaldi Group always acts with reliability and agility and is constantly open to new challenges in an increasingly competitive market.

150 years in business is a long period to retrace, especially with the Gastaldi Group activities branching out as far as USA, Russia, China, Korea and Japan.  But every venture is marked with the entrepreneurial style of the Cerruti family: little talk, but certainly lots of solid action and accomplishment. Challenges are met. Synergies are translated into alliances.  And every move is sprinkled with a very Genoese spirit, poised between tradition and continuity, initiative and innovation.

The Holding, with its offices in Mura di Santa Chiara 1, Genoa, is currently structured as follows:

Shipping & Transport
Gastaldi e C.Spa, shipping agent based in Genoa
Gastaldi Tramp, shipping agent based in Genoa
Delta Agenzia Marittima Srl, shipping agent based in Genoa
Hanjin Italy Spa, shipping agent in partnership with Hanjin Corea, one of the world’s leading shipping companies, based in Genoa
Gast Spedizioni Srl, based in Genoa

Gastaldi International Srl, claims agency for Lloyd’s of London and over 500 other insurance companies, based in Genoa

Port and Logistics Sevices
G.I.P (SECH Spa and VTE), investee
Logtainer Spa, investee

Travel & Tourism
Gastaldi 1860, tour operator based in Milan
Gastaldi USA, tour operator based in New York
Jet Set Voyages, tour operator based in Paris
Gastaldi Global Travel, DMC- Destination Management Company based in Rome – the euromic member
Congresship, Incentives and Congresses based in Genoa

On June 11th, 2010 the many friends, partners and businessmen/women from major Italian and International companies that contributed to the growth and work of the Gastaldi Group will retrace the journey of a family and a business.  We hope you will join us in celebrating the strength and momentum of one and half centuries that has projected the group into the future.

Gastaldi Holding
Mura di Santa Chiara 1
16128 Genoa


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