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Gastaldi Global Travel is one of most renowned Italian Destination Management Companies and a landmark in the MICE industry for creativity, experience and quality of service. Founded in 1990, Gastaldi Global Travel belongs to Gastaldi Holding, which in 2010 celebrated its 150th anniversary.

Based in Rome with offices in Genova and more recently in Milan, we specialize in high end meeting and incentive travel, special interest tours and VIP individual programs throughout Italy. Thanks to our consolidated experience and thorough knowledge of Italian destinations and logistics, we are able to create and manage many types of unique programs while remaining focused on the best and most innovative solutions for all events with full respect of client’s budget.

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April 2011

Florence gets closer to Europe

There a many new and attractive opportunities for everyone wishing to visit Florence and Tuscany.

Beginning this year, the Italian railways have launched a direct high velocity train connection between Pisa International Airport and Florence Central Station. Guests landing in Pisa will have the chance to board one of the new “Regiostar” trains, leaving every two hours and directly connecting the flight hub to Florence in only one hour with no intermediate stops.

City Jet (Air France owned), in association with London City Airport and the Florence Tourist Board, recently launched a convenient six-times per week service to the beautiful Tuscan city. This brand new flight route offers Londoners direct access to Florence and the wider Tuscany region, testifying once more the growing interest in Italy’s touristic, historic and naturalistic heritage. 


Carcere Mamertino re-opens in Rome

After one year of extensive archaeological works and excavations, the Carcere Mamertino in Rome has just re-opened to the public.

The Mamertine Prison (Carcere Mamertino) was a prison located in the Forum Romanum, on the northeastern slope of the Capitoline Hill and facing the Curia and the imperial fora of Nerva, Vespasian, and Augustus. Typically, only high profile prisoners were kept in this prison, usually foreign commanders such as Jugurtha. They usually remained incarcerated until they were paraded and strangled in public, unless they happened to die of natural causes first.

It is not known when the prison went out of service permanently, however, in medieval times the prison became a worship site for Christians since it was believed that St. Paul and St. Peter had been held in captivity there. The site is currently occupied by two superimposed churches: S. Giuseppe dei Falegnami (upper) and S. Pietro in Carcere (lower). The cross on the altar in the lower chapel is upside down, in accordance with the tradition that Saint Peter was crucified that way.

Recent archaeological surveys and excavation have brought to light stunning new historic and scientific evidence regarding the aftermath of Christianity in the ancient Rome.


Fra Angelico to Leonardo. Italian Renaissance Drawings

After big success in London at the British Museum, the exhibition Disegni da Fra Angelico a Leonardo (drawings from Fra Angelico to Leonardo) has been just inaugurated at Uffizi Gallery in Florence.
The presentation is a joint venture between the Uffizi Gallery and the British Museum and drawings have been gathered from the remarkable collections of both institutions. The exhibition gives a broad overview of the development of drawing throughout Italy, but with a particular emphasis on Florence and Venice.

The display charts the increasing importance of drawing during the period between 1400 and 1510, featuring 100 works by Fra Angelico, Jacopo and Gentile Bellini, Botticelli, Carpaccio, Leonardo da Vinci, Filippo Lippi, Mantegna, Michelangelo, Titian and Verrocchio amongst others.

Galleria of the Uffizi – Florence until June,12 2011.
Opening hours:  08:15 am – 06:50pm Tuesday to Sunday. Closed Monday and May 1st .
Admission charge 10 €.
Web site:


Exclusive dinner inside Pompeii excavations, an unmatched experience!

This is the opportunity of a lifetime. It is a unique experience offered on a limited basis and a great privilege which you cannot experience on your own. Imagine having the world famous Pompei excavations all to yourself and your fellows. No pushy crowds, no lines, no one else at all.

This is possible due to a special agreement with local authorities. At sunset, a unique promenade along the city alleys with evocatively lit torches will lead guests to the Roman Amphitheatre where a delicious cocktail will be served. The seated dinner will follow in the Palestra Grande, the ancient training field of the Pompei gladiators.

This unique set up will be enhanced by special light shows, footage on the walls and Ancient Roman themed entertainment, such as mimes, installations, jugglers and creative reenactments with ancient instruments and costumes. The guests will be taken back to Roman times as they don togas and sandals. The grand finale, the amazing tenors show, is the perfect end to this magical event!


Quotations on request from Mr. Michele Cerruti and/or Mrs. Teresa Cardinali at

Firenze Station


Carcere Mamertino

Carcere Mamertino

Disegni da Fra Angelico a Leonardo