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Gastaldi Global Travel is one of most renowned Italian Destination Management Companies and a landmark in the MICE industry for creativity, experience and quality of service. Founded in 1990, Gastaldi Global Travel belongs to Gastaldi Holding, which in 2010 celebrated its 150th anniversary.

Based in Rome with offices in Genova and more recently in Milan, we specialize in high end meeting and incentive travel, special interest tours and VIP individual programs throughout Italy. Thanks to our consolidated experience and thorough knowledge of Italian destinations and logistics, we are able to create and manage many types of unique programs while remaining focused on the best and most innovative solutions for all events with full respect of client?s budget.

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News from Italy...

June 2012

Experience the Bragosso Boat in the Venetian Lagoon!

Enjoy an exclusive cruise in and around the canals in Venice, the rivers and the minor islands of the Lagoon on board the so called “Bragosso”, a traditional wooden Venetian small boat.  Guests will be pampered by the harmonies and the rhythms of a unique naturalistic environment, blossoming around the waters of the lagoon, an area inimitable in its beauty, a natural ecosystem always in balance between land and water;.
Travelling throughout the “Ghebi” (small canals and sandbanks), visitors will stop along the way to visit colored fishermen houses, antique monasteries and naturalistic corners. The excursion will be accompanied by local people, who live and work in the lagoon with unique passion and love.


Colosseum and Vatican Museums “under the moon”

Starting from May the 6th until October the 6th visitors to Rome will have the opportunity to visit the famous Colosseum by night. Guests gathered in small groups and lead by an archaeologist will have the chance to walk throughout the famous amphitheater, visiting its most important areas: the arena and the secluded underground rooms. Timings: From 8.20pm to 10.45pm; pre-booking required.
Similarly, every Friday, from May the 4th until July the 14th and again from September the 7th until October the 26th, the Vatican Museums will remain open “under the moon” during the evening hours. The visit includes: the VaticanMuseums, the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Square (please, note that St. Peter's Basilica remains closed in the evening). Timings: from 7.00pm to 11.00pm; pre-booking required.


Hotel Santa Caterina in Amalfi

Winner of the prestigious “2012 Italian Excellent Award”, this beautiful five-star deluxe hotel has been listed in the celebrated Condè Nast Traveller’s “Gold list”, thanks to the excellence of the restaurant, the magnificent location, the special atmosphere, the elegant design, the marvelous spa and the outstanding service. Perched on the beautiful scenery of the rocky Amalfi Coast, facing the perennial blue of the Mediterranean sea and sky, this late 19th century liberty style villa offers the finest of Italian hospitality and lasting sensations of wellbeing, surrounded by luscious bougainvillea, lovingly cultivated olive groves and fruit orchards.

54 rooms & ten suites
Two restaurants: one in the main building and one at sea level
Exclusive spa wellness centre
Two elevators cut into the rock leading directly to the beach club with private beach and sea-water swimming pool (open from April to October)


Tripadvisor goes for Italy!

Tripadvisor announced the 2012 Top 25 Destinations in the World and Italy is again well represented on the podium: in 3rd position, the eternal city of Rome, a truly unique and living open-air museum. Then, in 12th position, Florence, the cradle and jewel of Renaissance, best known for its numerous works of art, fantastic architecture and priceless museums.
Even in Tripadvisor’s European Top 25 list, Italy represents one of the most appealing destinations: again Rome ( 2nd position) and Florence ( 7th position ) but also Venice (12th position) and Sorrento (20th position) and finally Taormina, Positano and Palermo (23rd, 24th and 25th position).

No doubt that Italy is definitely the place to be in 2012!


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Colosseum by night

Vatican by night

Hotel Santa Caterina