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With over 50 years of experience and expertise, DMC Japan - KNT-CT Global Travel knows the ins and outs of Japan from Northern Hokkaido to Okinawa and is uniquely qualified to be your business partner of choice.

DMC Japan takes care of your specific program with excellent project management skills and utilizes its resources to unite corporate values with service. Our experienced and talented staff will treat you and your guests to true Japanese hospitality from the moment you arrive until the time you fly home.

DMC Japan - KNT-CT Global Travel

Japan: An Incentive Destination!

September 2015

Japan is an attractive destination which impresses planners and inspires each guest. Japan has all the ingredients of a successful program, from superb accessibility, fascinating culture, breathtaking landscape, tantalizing entertainment, gourmet dining, world class facility, cutting-edge Technology, and most uniquely, heart-warming hospitality, which we call it “Omotenashi”, the essence of Japanese hospitality.

Japan offers a variety of destinations. Most famously, Tokyo - one of the largest global city and, Kyoto - the former capital of Japan with more than 1,100 years of history, which is famous worldwide for its temple and shrines. Moreover, Japan has so many destinations to offer from northern ski resort Hokkaido to southern beach island Okinawa as Japanese archipelago stretches over a long distance from north to south, and each region has its own distinct and changing climate, culture, and traditions.

A most popular itinerary especially for first visitor to Japan features metropolitan Tokyo and ancient capital Kyoto, and below is an example;  

Day 1
Arrive at Narita Airport and transfer to the hotel in Tokyo and check in. So many choices of the hotels from bay area to down town area.
Welcome Dinner on Yakatabune, a Japanese style boat cruise. On this dinner, the boat sails out to the Tokyo Bay. Enjoy delicious Tempura course menu with Japanese sake. Karaoke is also available on this boat.
[Pillow gift: Japanese cut glass Edo Kiriko]

Day 2
City Tour in Tokyo, visiting Imperial Plaza, Tokyo Sky Tree, the newest landmark and the highest free-standing broadcasting tower in the world, Asakusa Kannon Temple, the oldest temple in Tokyo, and Shibuya & Harajuku district including Shibuya crossing, so called “Times Square in Tokyo”, which is often featured in movies and television, such as “Lost in Translation”.
Dinner at best Kobe beef Teppanyaki restaurant. After dinner, a very unique robot themed show at Robot restaurant is available in Shinjuku Kabukicho area.

Day 3
This day can feature a team activity in Tokyo, such as interactive learning of Japanese calligraphy, tea ceremony, flower arrangements, Sushi making lesson, Japanese Taiko drum lesson etc., or a full day trip to Nikko, a town at the entrance to Nikko National Park, most famous for Toshogu shrine, a World Heritage Site. This World Heritage was built in 1617 as the mausoleum of the Tokugawa Ieyasu, the Japanese warrior, statesman and founder of the Tokugawa dynasty of Shoguns. Located nearby are many beautiful natural sights to enjoy, including Lake Chuzenje and Kegon Waterfalls. 
For dinner, there are so many choices of the restaurants from Japanese, French, Italian, Chinese and others. Tokyo has more than 100,000 restaurants and the most Michelin stars in The World. The restaurant with Tokyo’s spectacular night view is also available.

Day 4
Depart Tokyo for Hakone, located only a couple of hours form bustling Tokyo, and on the way to Kyoto. Mt. Fuji and Hakone National Park is the most popular nature resort in Japan.Activities there include a brief cruise on the pristine Lake Ashi and an exciting rope way ride over volcanic valley with the beautiful Mt. Fuji view. On this night, guests will stay at a Japanese Ryokan style accommodation and enjoy the Japanese hot spring and Japanese style dinner. Guests in Japanese kimono wear will be invited to, followed by Japanese-style dinner banquet with authentic Japanese “Kaiseki” in a “tatami”-floored Japanese banquet room. 
Day 5
Depart Hakone for Kyoto by Japan’s famous high speed train, Shinkansen. Deluxe box lunch on board will be served. In the afternoon, half day city tour in Kyoto, visiting Golden Pavilion, Nijo Castle, and Kiyomizu Temple. Ancient capital of Japan, Kyoto offers numerous numbers of temples and shrines, some of them are UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. An informal cocktail reception in the garden of a renowned Japanese temple followed by sumptuous Italian dinner with Kyoto local vegetables with unique surrounding and history.

Day 6
Day at leisure for tours and activities, such as half day tour to Osaka, or Nara, sake brewery visit and tasting, Nishiki food market walk & Japanese home cooking, Budo Training experience, private viewing of an Exclusive Temple and Meet with a Buddhism Monk and more in Kyoto
Farewell evening at one of the finest Japanese style restaurant, “Kyoyamato”.  During the dinner, traditional type of Japanese entertainments are available – Geisha dance performance, Kabuki play, Koto or Japanese harp, Shishimai or dragon dance, Ninja & Samurai performance and more.
Kyoyamato: one of the finest Japanese Kaiseki cuisine restaurants in Kyoto. The restaurant originally constructed for a second house of Nishi- Honganji Temple, is located in the middle of “Special District for Preservation of Historical Buildings”, where Higashiyama Great Temples, accredited as World Heritage, are surrounding around it.
[Pillow gift: Japanese Furoshiki, a Japanese traditional wrapping cloth made of silk]

Day 7
Transfer to Kansai International Airport and Departure


Tokyo Motor Show 2015

The 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015 will be held from October 29 to November 8.
This year, the show will be open to the general public for ten consecutive days starting from 12:30 on October 30(Friday), one day earlier than the usual Saturday general-public opening day to enable greater accessibility to visitors.


For more information, please contact Mr. Shigeru Yamamoto at


Kyoto - Higashiyama

Tokyo - Yakatabune & bay area

Tokyo - Shibuya crossing

Kyoto - Kiyomizu Temple

Kyoto - Fushimi Inari Shrine

Kyoto - Geisha