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Lawrence Of Arabia & A Royal Day in Amman

March 2013

 “Lawrence Of Arabia Film 60th Anniversary” 

"No studio today would make a film like “Lawrence of Arabia” - 227 minutes long, featuring a cast of hundreds riding camels through the desert, shot on location (there were no computer graphics in 1962). Yet Sony Pictures’ new 50th-anniversary restoration seems fresh and modern in its political themes and its stunning visual clarity. The film’s real-life hero, T. E. Lawrence (played by Peter O’Toole), was a flamboyant British officer who gained fame during World War I for leading a gaggle of Bedouin tribesmen in guerrilla assaults on their Turkish occupiers, paving the way for the Ottoman Empire’s downfall. The film holds up not only for its historical parallels but also because it’s thrilling and, in its present incarnation, it is breathtaking. "
Fred Kaplan- published Sept 15, 2012.

Jordan is proud that such a film was filmed in Wadi Rum where the logistics behind doing a movie on such a large scale has to be up to a certain standard - and this happened in the 60s! This year, Lawrence of Arabia is celebrating its 60th anniversary.

We at Karma House are very proud to say that the sky is the limit when it comes to creativity, animation and support in areas like Wadi Rum. We usethe local experts and the latest technology to create something that is truly unforgettable. Possible events range from a classical concert of 40 musicians the same location the film was shot with the same music of the film, to a camel trek along the steps of Lawrence, to a Bedouin theme dinner in the middle of the National Reserve of Wadi Rum.

Jordan is proud to celebrate this event with the makers of this great film that was shot here.


A Royal Day in Amman

In the morning departure from the hotel to the Royal Stables, located at the small picturesque village of Fuhais, a 20 minute drive west of the capital, Amman. These stables are the home of the most beautiful Arabian horses in the region. A parade will take place in these private premises to view some of the world champions of Arabian beauties and their offspring.

Owned by the Royal Family, the Royal Stables are under the patronage of Her Royal Highness Princes Alia, the daughter of late King Hussein.

Princes Alia’s life is dedicated to bringing up pure Arabian horses that are raised in the gentlest way. The horses are never ridden and never handled with a whip, the only purpose of having them is to give them the best of life and show them off to the world. There is a famous saying that "Germans are proud of their Mercedes-Benz and Jordanians are proud of their pure Arabians”.

On arrival to the stables a breakfast will be served with Danish pastries and croissants with a fresh juice station, coffee & tea followed by a parade of the most beautiful Arabian horses in the Middle East. After the show we'll continue to the Royal Car Museum.

The Royal Car Museum has a vast car collection of vintage, limited edition and sportcars of His Late Majesty King Hussein. Cars were his hobby as he was a rally driver and avid collector. Upon arrival to the museum, guests will enjoy a guided tour of the unique cars on display with audiovisual explanation. Some of these cars are very significant to the history of Jordan and very much related to the late King Hussein and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

The tour can take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half. The location can also be used for private functions, from a cocktail reception to seated dinners for up to 120 persons.

After the car museum we'll depart for lunch at the Fakher El Dean Restaurant, one of the most up market and well known restaurants for Jordanians. Famous guests from all over the world have dined at Fakhr El Din and their names are engraved on plaques and displayed at the entrance of the restaurant.

The building itself was previously the private home of His late HE. Fawaz Al Mulki, one of the first Prime Ministers of Jordan in the early sixties, and then became the residence of the Spanish Ambassador to Jordan in the late 70’s. The restaurant offers the best of fresh local starters (Mezze- of  ten different appetizers) and mixed grill or fish as main course.

After a fabulous lunch we'll depart back to the hotel for a short rest. The afternoon is free to explore the old part of Jabal Amman, with its beautiful buildings and architecture dating back from the 50’s.

Dinner at the Private Royal King Hussein Club in Amman:
After a short rest, the coach will depart to the private King Hussein Club. In the 50’s and 60’s this was the private club for high ranking army officers. It then became a gathering place for retired army officers, prime ministers and writers until the 90’s where it became a private club with beautiful gardens surrounding the premises.

Upon arrival at the club a welcome alcoholic aperitif will be served in the lavish lounge at its ground floor, followed by a set menu seated dinner that will be served at a private room or a private garden of the club depending on the time of the year and the size of the group.


For more information please contact Mrs. Ghada Najjar, or for anything else Karma House can assist you with, at jordan@euromic.com

Lawrence Of Arabia

Wadi Rum - Beida Setup

Royal Stables

Royal Stables

HM King Hussein's coronation car

Fakhr El-Din Restaurant

King Hussein Club

Gala Dinner King Hussein Club