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Karma House
Lively Amman!

May 2011

Experience the ancient and the modern in a city of strong contrasts and reveal the vibrant spirit of Amman, a cradle of culture and heritage and a place for simply everyone. Wandering through the old markets of downtown Amman will give you an authentic taste of Jordanian character and will take you back to an age of emperors and warriors as you come across the Roman Amphitheater and Nymphaeum.

Known as the “Philadelphia of the Roman Empire,” Amman boasts traces of this once great civilization and the stately Umannyad Dynasty in a hill called the Cidatel where the grand Umayyad Palace and the royal Temple of Herules once stood as proof of power and majesty over this vivacious city.

As Jordan’s modern capital, Amman’s charm emanates from its half century old villas adorning the area of Jabal Amman with wild jasmine romantically enfolding the verandas and revealing a hint of unique architecture. Venturing further into western Amman puts you at the heart of the action, with busy streets and bustling cafes pulsating with all the luxuries of a modern life, yielding endless possibilities of enjoying contemporary living or simply slipping back into ancient history.

A few highlights not to be missed while in Amman are:

  • A walk in Old Amman – Jara Souk: Stepping into the old district of Jabal Amman will take you back to the pleasant past of Amman and put a smile on your face. Jara Souk is a place where you and your family and friends can enjoy the splendor of Jabal Amman while walking in one of its oldest streets, searching for unique merchandise that you cannot find in regular shops, listening to great music, and enjoying a cup of coffee along with a Shisha.  The souk is open every Friday during the summer months!
  • The wine maker – Wine making: If you are a wine lover, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the quality of Bulos Zumot and Co. products.  With more than 50 years of experience in the Jordanian wine and spirits market, the company has gained a solid reputation for quality, innovation and service. It was established in 1954 as a spirit distributor of local wines and spirits and commenced in 1962 for the importation of international wines and spirits and in 1995 established its first vineyard for making fine Jordanian wines. In 2008, Jordan received a silver medal from the French wine makers union completion in Paris for St. George gewürztraminer!
  • The Pasha Turkish bath: Experience a soothing massage at an authentic Turkish bath in the old middle class residential area in Amman. A visit to the Hammam is a good way to discover more about the local culture. This is an Arabic-style communal bathhouse, highly popular throughout Jordan and the region since Roman times. The baths consist of three main rooms, a Frigidarium, Tepidarium and Calidarium – the cold, warm and hot rooms respectively. This is a totally invigorating experience for both mind and body.

Allow us to plan your next trip to a city which will, with no doubt, create experiences and memories that you will treasure for a lifetime!


For more information please contact Mrs. Ghada Najjar, or for anything else Karma House can assist you with, at jordan@euromic.com



Jara Souk

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