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Our team will organize an unforgettable journey for you to the country where ancient nomadic traditions, shaman healers' rituals, untouched most beautiful wild nature and modern comfortable cities co-exist, and provide for multiple opportunities for your customer to acquire unique memories.

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Unknown Kazakhstan: modern country with a rich history, this unique, colorful and welcoming...

September 2016

Every single time when I travel and people ask me where am I from, I always get the very same reaction (well, ok, not every single time but): ?Kaza? Tajikistan? What is that? Where is that?? and once I say that it?s in fact a big country next to Russia people seem to have figured it all out for themselves. ?Ah, Russia? Okay?. But actually it is not okay since it is an independent country with its own history, legends, people, language, cuisine and everything else.

It?s a beautiful country of nomads. A single fact that we look very much like Asians, speak Russian and Kazakh, and are Muslims says a lot about our history. Somewhere there it is a little bit of everything. A collaboration if you want. Kazakh men has always been about conquering, showing off the very best they have, pride and intelligence. And women has always been pretty much like warriors. They are strong, beautiful, powerful and never the ones to remain silent. It is not a country where everyone is the same, in terms of men and women, but where men actually respect women and listen to them. Their opinion matter.

Although Kazakhstan is ninth largest country in the world, we are still lacking people. It is only 17 949 761 for the whole country. But the diversity is something to be proud of - apart from Kazakhs, the majority of population are Russians (due to WWII) and then there are smaller communities of almost all nations: Indians, Germans, Chinese, Uzbeks, Americans, British, Ukrainians, Tatars and many others arriving every single day. Mixed marriages are all over the place and that is another notable thing about Kazakhstan - people here a very acceptable of others roots and heritage. In fact, we really do love ?foreigners?. They fascinate us. We want to know as much about them as we want them to know about us. And that?s a lot. We show the best that we have and that is actually what I?m going to tell you about later on: the beautiful landscapes of the country, the cuisine, the places to visit and many more.

Kazakhstan, the dominant nation in Central Asia, has historically been a key trading point between Europe and Asia along the famous Silk Road. The name ?Kazakh? actually comes from the ancient Turkish word ?qaz? meaning ?to wander?, reflecting its nomadic culture, which now provides a multi-cultural nation. A total land area of over 2.7 million square kilometers is equivalent to the whole of Western Europe.
It generates over 60% of Central Asia?s GDP, primarily through its oil and gas industry, which helped to establish itself on the global stage after it became the last of the Soviet republics to declare independence following the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. The country?s increasing wealth is driven largely by its vast mineral resources, which include the world?s largest chromium, vanadium, bismuth and fluorine reserves.

Kazakhstan remains the leader among the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) in terms of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) attracted per capita with more than $190 billion in gross foreign investments since its independence in 1991.

The main points of arrival for visitors into the country are the former capital, Almaty, located in the south of the country in the shadow of the Trans-Ili Alatau, part of the Northern Tian Shan mountain system that separates Kazakhstan from Kyrgyzstan, and its newly developed capital, Astana, located more centrally in the country. Increasing direct international links are now also being offered from smaller cities in Kazakhstan.

Almaty remains the major commercial and cultural center of Kazakhstan, as well as it is a biggest population center. A gateway to the popular Medeu Skating Rink and Ski resort, the city has many attractions, most of which can be seen from a cable car ride up to Kok-Tobe Hill. It is served by Almaty International Airport (ALA), which is linked to 15 domestic points and 31 international destinations by 25 carriers.


Khanshatyr in Astana

Khan Tengri - the highest peak of Tian Shan

Expo 2017

Skating Rink in Medeu

Altyn Emel National Park

Singing Dune in Altyn Emel National park

Big Almaty Lake

Kaindy Lake

Baikonur Cosmodrome