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Our team will organize an unforgettable journey for you to the country where ancient nomadic traditions, shaman healers' rituals, untouched most beautiful wild nature and modern comfortable cities co-exist, and provide for multiple opportunities for your customer to acquire unique memories.

Global Air, the largest leading DMC in Kazakhstan & Central Asia, offers various tours for FIT & Groups, Leisure and MICE at the utmostly high level of service with 24/7 availability at very reasonable whole-sale prices.


Discover Kazakhstan - a unique country of nomads!

February 2017

In the very heart of Central Asia, - along the Great Silk Route that has, for centuries, connected Europe and Asia - lies Kazakhstan, the land of massive opportunities for business and travel.  Only here you will find a rare combination of rich historical and cultural heritage, as well as indigenous and hospitable nomadic people living in the untouched wild nature of the Great Steppe, surrounded by mountains, rivers, lakes, deserts, and most lately, large modern cities.

This land keeps memories of Genghiz Khan (the Great Mogul Emperor in 12-13 centuries AD) war campaigns, oases and caravan-serais along the Silk Route (6-14 centuries AD), home bases of influential turk kagans, ancient cities (now under the aegis of UNESCO), and luxurious and abundant bazaars.  Woven through the epochs, Kazakh traditions, habits, nomad culture warmly welcome the guests of this country.

Just recently, two main cities of Kazakhstan took the baton of two internationally important events:

  • Almaty - Universiade in February 2017
  • Astana - EXPO in June-October 2017


From an authentic yurt to a 5 star hotel with an ethnic charm…

Almaty (Apple city) could be a history cradle as this wonderful city just celebrated its millennium anniversary.  Within a short radius, you will get to see rock paintings from 900 BC (the Tamgaly Tas), lakes in between high ridges, saka baths at the footsteps of mountains, the magnificent Charyn Canyon, and a medieval castle “Nomad” on the banks of the Ili River. Valley travelers get to witness falcons’ hunt, and mystic shamanic healer perform his rituals.  Here you can also feast on Kazakh authentic dishes such as beshbarmak, pilau, koktal, and sorpa cooked on fire in the open air just like the nomads used to make their food.  Or you could go walk in to a true oriental bazaar and try out Kazakh sweets with sour horse or camel milk.

Astana is the youngest capital in the world, a modern city built with futuristic architecture that by a UN decree was given the title of the City of Peace in 1999.  No wonder it was selected to be the host for EXPO 2017 held under the Future’s Energy motto.  The best alternative sources of energy will be brought and displayed here.  Green Power Generation, Affordability, Ecology, and Sustainability are the main trends of the exhibition and the development plans for Astana for the years to come.  We recommend you visit this modern city along with the nearby Borovoye resort - a range of marvelous lakes surrounded by pine tree forests abundant with mushrooms and wild berries, as well as quaintly shaped hills with picturesque landscapes.
On your visit to Kazakhstan, be sure to get the vivid memories of the ethnic colors: go and see the national sports - acrobatic horse riding, horse riding archery, etc.  If you feel like taking part - join a felt rolling master class or kazakh craftsmen shop where they make decorations of skin, metal, and gems.  These can be added onto any business trip for any number of participants.


MICE in Kazakhstan - #1 choice in Central Asia:

  • Favorable, safe and stable environment for business and travel in Kazakhstan;
  • Fabulous prices when you count your spending into USD;
  • Best equipped venues for all sorts of events;
  • No visa/no e-permit required for citizens of 55 countries (Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brasil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Cyprus, Cuba, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Ireland, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, Mongolia, Moldova, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UAE, UK, USA);
  • Modern infrastructure and high hospitality industry standards (from hostels to 5 star hotels of well-known brands);
  • International flights from almost any part of Europe and major Asian hubs.
  • Business and leisure in one trip - explore the habitats where no man has ever treaded.


We promise that one-in-a-kind and hard-to-forget impressions will follow you on your travel for leisure and business in the indigenous colorful Kazakhstan.
Welcome to the vast lands of the Nomads!

For more information and requests, please contact Mrs. Gulden Ospanova at

NOMAD castle in the land of the Seven Rivers Region


Pavillion EXPO in Astana


The Kazakh Yurt inside

Tamgaly Tas. Petroglyphic rock drawings

Berkutchi (eagle hunters) on horseback